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Hoorah! We’re here! And we’re excited!

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Welcome Dear Friends to the spankin’ new I Quit Sugar website.

I Quit Sugar started for me as an experiment back in January 2011. I first quit sugar – and wrote about the experience – for a column I wrote in a Sunday newspaper magazine. You can catch up on it here. I went on to post my research and findings on my blog. People started following my journey and asking questions. In turn, I got obsessed and dug further and interviewed more experts and sourced more science. I tried new techniques and ingredients. I got cooking. I developed what I believe is the most comprehensive and effective sugar-quitting program around, pivoting off behavioural and biological science. Today, more than 180,000 people have done the program and a few of them have shared their results here.

The whole thing kept growing and growing.

After repeated requests (from all of you!) to have all my obsessed data and tricks and tips in one spot, my experiment turned into an ebook. Followed by a cookbook. We then published a print book.

If you’d like, you can read more of my story here.

I Quit Sugar has grown like bacteria in a petrie dish (not the best visual?! Let me work on that.). And eventually I realised it needed its own site. Enough with the cobbled-together annexes and lean-tos and verandahs where I parked all the wonderful stories and people and factoids I came across and invited onto my personal blog; I Quit Sugar needed a specially designed, lovingly crafted home.
The other bit of special news:

You can now do my 8-Week Program as part of a community

sign-up-ready button

Yep, from today you can sign up to our first online 8-Week Program, which kicks off August 26. And for early birds, we have a little incentive for you. The first 500* to sign up will receive a 5g sachet of Vital Protein Green Coffee Powder made from 100% Pure Pea Protein.


Which you can use straight away to make these Fudgy Protein Bites. To learn more about the whole bonanza (and, yep, it will be Big! Fun! With Horns!) visit here. *This giveaway is only valid within Australia.

In the meantime:

A little overview of how this site will work

We’re basically a home base for all things to do with quitting sugar. Share our home with your mates. Come back and visit often. We’ll be posting regularly and will be featuring lots of offers and opportunities along the way.

You can get cooking straight up. Check out our sugar-free recipes here. There’s an easy search function, so you can find recipes by ingredient or specific events (Christmas, Easter). Or get searching by dietary need (Paleo, Vegan). There are also easy metric-to-imperial conversion options.

If you’re looking for the I Quit Sugar series of books, you’ll find them all in our bookstore.

Got questions (about quitting sugar, not car mechanics)? Meander over to our most Frequently Asked Questions department.

If you’re keen to know more about the science backing the whole Quit Sugar caper, you’ll find the latest studies and research here.

Looking for inspiration from those brave kids who’ve already done the 8-Week Program? You’ll find inspiring testimonies from sugar quitters here.

Want to do the 8-Week Program yourself? Damn fabulous! We’re almost ready to host your good self… and any friends you want to bring along for the ride. You can sign up for our first round here.

What you’ll probably find here if you pop by again

Really interesting posts about the latest sugar facts and news.

Pretty yum recipes that we’d like to highlight, which will then be added to our recipe database.

Guest posts from contributors and experts I’ve met along the way. They know stuff!

Inspiring stories from our favourite sugar quitters, like this post by Megan Gale.

OK. That’s all I can think of for now. The journey has really only just started. Let’s strap in!!!

Sarah and The I Quit Sugar Team xx

Have a poke around. What do you think so far? We’re a work in progress…(aren’t we all?!)…so I’m really wanting your feedback.

Please be respectful of other participants in the conversation. We'd love you to keep your comments respectful, friendly and relevant. Differences of opinion are welcome, but trolling and abuse of other commentators and the IQS editorial team is not and will result in blacklisting.

  • Yvonne Test


  • Laney | Crash Test Mummy

    Yay – it’s alive! Congratulations team!

  • Gabriella

    Woohoo!! Congrats Sarah!!

  • Naomi

    I’d like to add this blog to my Feedly RSS reader, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do it. Do you know how?

    • IQS_Team

      Hi Naomi – have you tried using our BlogLove button? Hit the big yellow heart in our social media buttons.

  • Sammyfergs

    Wow Sarah. You are truly an iconic force! I am a happily ever after, married mum.. I wanted to thank you and your team for sharing what I deem will be one of the greatest gifts of wisdom I will give to my generations to come. It has giving our health the whole rounded ness that offers our lives serenity.. You Sarah and your driven passion to share knowledge is a game changer.. Revolution baby! Love it!!!

  • YogaChicky (Amanda)

    Congrats on the new site! However, I don’t use Blog Lovin and would like it if you had a generic RSS feed, too. :)

  • Tracy Vella

    Hello Sarah congrats on the site! I just bought your book “I quit sugar” but can’t convince anyone to join me so I think I’ll be signing up for your 8 week program just gotta save some money but count me in I also have hashimoto’s and can’t wait to be feeling better. Thank you for all that you’ve done and mostly for being willing to share your journey with all of us.

  • Carla

    Fell in love the minute I opened the book 3 weeks ago and started my journey the next morning. Have been following your blog and am now so excited you have launched a site dedicated to this phenomenon you have started. Big congrats to you and the team Sarah. Things will only get bigger and better from here xx

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to do the sugar quitting journey now but have mid term exams in 3 weeks and wondered if the detox period would make me feel too sick to function properly during the exam period. What are your thoughts?

    • IQS_Team

      You should be fine. The most important thing to do is eat good fats, take it easy and exercise gently. Most people experience slight mood changes, dips in energy levels and cravings but nothing severe.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the quick reply!
        I have another question similar to one I posted a few days ago, but lost the page on where I typed it; Before I buy the $40 book bundle I need to know what ingredients are used in the recipes. What I have noticed is the use of coconut oil and flour. I completely agree with using coconut oil and flour but in Tasmania it is extremely expensive, is there a solution? If not, are they so prominent that I should rather find something else?

        • Anonymous

          Never mind. I already bought it. I liked the I Quit Sugar book because it was short and to the point but I can’t move on much from here. Nuts, alternative flours, and coconut products cost a fortune. I haven’t found any internet or market sources to help me out. Just eating more veggies instead would work, right?

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