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    I am looking for a quick answer to this question. I posted it in another heading as well, so apologies if you are reading this twice.
    I am wanting to try David Gillespie’s chocolate mousse, but it has an ingredient called Dextrose. I have a jar of Glucose syrup in my cupboard which states “Derived from corn” which is what the internet description of dextrose says that dextrose is made of. Can I use the glucose syrup as an alternative to the dextrose? Thanks. Claire



    sorry you didn’t get a quick answer but in my

      non expert

    opinion you would need powdered glucose rather than syrup. There’s some hints here about where to buy dextrose


    I have made a number of recipes from David Gillespie’s book. I couldn’t find dextrose at my supermarket as he suggested, but I tracked down a home brewing (beer) supply store and they sell in in 1kg and larger bags (and it is very cheap as compared to may health food products). It doesn’t work exactly one-for-one with sugar but look at David’s recipes and you will start to see the ratios of dextrose to other dry and wet ingredients.


    Hi Claire,

    Yes you can use dextrose or glucose syrup from week 6 onwards.

    Dextrose and glucose syrup are basically sugar without fructose. They still contain glucose which can spike your blood sugar levels so go easy on them.

    Not sure how the chocolate mouse will turn out using the syrup over a powdered for of dextrose as I haven’t made chocolate mouse before. Janelle seems to think it may not work but let us know if you have success.

    And as Christine mentioned above, dextrose can be purchased from home brewing supply stores or in the home brewing section of some supermarkets.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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