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    Hiya guys,

    I just noticed today that things are starting to taste sweet. Things that don’t normally taste sweet. Perhaps a sign of my body recalibrating to life without sugar?
    It’s not a bad thing, just an interesting observation. I was munching on a carrot earlier and couldn’t finish it because it tasted too sweet.
    Now my arvo cup of tea (always black without sugar) is tasting sweeter than usual. Actually it was particularly sweet this morning after I downed my glass of warm water with lemon juice, though this is probably just because lemon is super sour by comparison.
    Anyone else experiencing this lately? :)



    Yes! I am finding the sweet potato purée really sweet. My partner commented last night that soon I will find lemons sweet. Who woulda thought


    Sounds perfectly normal. It’s pretty much a given that when you quit sugar your palates will start to adjust and become more sensitive to sweetness then previously. This is is fantastic as even once you finish the program, you will most likely find you naturally need less of anything sweet because a little will go a long way :)


    Thanks Carla, yeah that’s what I was thinking and hoping might happen after the program!
    And I’ve almost quashed those chocolate cravings… baby steps.


    Kat Stewart

    Yes carrot and soy sauce are super sweet to me now!



    I am reading these posts whilst drinking a green juice with a little bit of beetroot added, which I don’t normally do except for the fact I have way too many in my fridge! I probably added 1/8th of the beetroot and yet it is too sweet for me. As Carla says, eventually a little bit will go a long way! This is a win for all of us!



    Heh, my coffee with just a bit of milk or half/half is sweet. I used to add a few teaspoons of sugar. Not anymore. My wife had a salad and didn’t realize there were dried cranberries in it. We always added those to our salads, but this time she told me they were incredibly sweet.
    It is almost the same as when I quit smoking. My sense of taste increased and I could distinguish so much more in what I was eating.



    Tracey Clay

    Yes! It’s amazing! Herbal teas are actually sweet, who would have thought!



    I’m finding exactly the same thing with herbal teas too Tracey! I’ve always loved herbal teas but struggled to drink them without even just a few grains of sugar. I’m absolutely loving them now! Even green teas, which I used to find a bit bitter, are tasting so nice and smooth. Loving my sugar free lifestyle!



    I had some people over for afternoon tea on the weekend. I made Sarah’s almond butter bark without the rice malt syrup and thought it tasted lovely and sweet. My guests, who are not on IQS, politely chewed their way through it then pronounced it ‘unusual’ :)



    I feel like I finally have grown up taste buds!

    When we started the programme I made the savoury smoothie as a post workout meal and struggled to get through it. This morning I was dreading it but really enjoyed it :-)

    We went out for dinner last night and I had a halloumi salad without the balsamic dressing or mango chutney – they gave me a garlic-infused olive oil and vinegar instead. It was absolutely delicious, whereas before I would have considered it plain.

    I think if I ate a bag of sweets or normal choc now it would taste awful. Hoorah! Sweet tooth cured?


    I totally got my dad to make the beetroot red velvet cupcakes from Sarah’s choc cook book, and I devoured them! But the family thought they were too weird.

    ALSO – if you’re dying for a chocolate fix, Koko Black have a gorgeous 100% cocoa choc from Dominican Republic and it doesn’t even taste bitter. I had some for my birthday and cried tears of joy.



    Uh oh, we’re all going to be that weird family that no one wants to visit cause everything we serve is healthy and tastes horrible but we’ll never know cause we like it. And what’s more we’ll probably bewilder them by enthusiastically encouraging them to eat the weird boring food too!

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