Need chocolate? Try our Fudgy Protein Bites

Image by Marija Ivkovic
Photo by: Marija Ivkovic

These little morsels of goodness are from the I Quit Sugar Chocolate Cookbook and are possibly one of our favourite breakfast treats (yes, breakfast!) here in the I Quit Sugar office. Two of these with a cup of tea keep us going until lunch.

Keep a batch in the freezer and snack on a few when a chocolate craving hits. The protein powder gives these a wonderfully chewy texture and the way the ingredients naturally settle means the chia and rice malt syrup form a caramel-like base on the bottom, followed by a fudgy centre covered in chocolate.

Yep, seriously good stuff.


  • 12.68 fl oz1 1/2 cup basic raw chocolate*.
  • 6.34 fl oz3/4 cups vanilla protein powder.
  • 4.23 fl oz1/2 cup chia seeds.
  • 2.82 fl oz1/3 cup maca powder, optional (if not using macca powder add a little extra protein powder).

These fudgy protein bites are fructose free.


We recommend Pureharvest rice malt syrup and Vital Protein vanilla protein powder.


Combine all ingredients and pour immediately into silicon moulds or cupcake cases (mini or standard) and place in the fridge or freezer to harden.

* Basic raw chocolate: Blend/mix 1 1/2 cups coconut oil, 1/2 cup raw cacao powder, 2 tablespoons rice malt syrup, 2 pinches sea salt until smooth/combined. Pour into moulds or onto a baking paper-lined plate and freeze/refrigerate.
  • Serves
    makes 25-30

If you like chocolate, you can find more tasty sugar-free cacao recipes here.

Have you tried one of these yet? Let us know the results.

  • Jade

    I highly recommend these! Delish!

  • liasion

    I have read some information regarding brown rice syrup and that it has significant levels of arsenic in it, however I love it so am not willing to give it up without a fight. Has anyone else heard of these claims and if so whether they are legitimate?

  • Isabel

    I am keen to start quitting sugar, and have tried some of the IQS recipes (I have the book). The problem i’m finding is that a lot of the recipes contain coconut based products, and I don’t like coconut. It’s to the point where the taste and smell of it makes me feel nauseous. Is there anything I could replace the coconut products with or should I just reduce the quantities so the flavour is not as strong?

  • Carmen

    Are you able to advise how many calories are in each one please?

    • IQS_Team

      Hey Carmen, we choose not to focus on calories at IQS we just try and squeeze as much nutritional value into each and every bite.

  • Nicola McKinlay

    I don’t think I did these right? My mixture was more like a thick fudgy texture not a pouring texture, I had to squish them down in my cupcake cases! Don’t think they’re going to separate either! But I had a quick taste of the mixture and it was yummy!!

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