The Science.

We try to stay on top of all the latest research on what sugar does to our health. It's an ever-evolving area and some of the research is super new, requiring more time to prove the strong hypotheses. Below, however, are the latest studies that draw on the highest standards of proof (meta-analysis and systemic reviews, randomised controlled trials and cohort studies).

  • Sugar increases your risk of heart disease

    A study by the Harvard School of Public Health finds consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages to be associated with increased risk of heart disease. Read more here.

  • Sugar ages the body and causes wrinkles

    Sugar reacts with proteins in the body, leading to a range of health problems while accelerating the ageing process. Read two crucial studies here and here, and an interesting article here.

  • High fat diets may prevent or slow cancer growth

    A study on mice conducted by the Department of Biology, Boston College, USA shows a high-fat, low-carb diet is effective in reducing brain tumour growth. Time magazine ran a good overview of the findings here. 

  • Sugar increases your risk of cancer

    Yep, a systematic review conducted by the Department of Medicine, University of Maryland shows consumption of sugar may compromise the body’s natural antioxidant defense mechanisms, thereby increasing the risk of cancer.

  • Sugar increases your risk of diabetes

    A retrospective, world-wide study found small increases in sugar can lead to significant increases in diabetes rates. If you don’t want to read the science-y stuff, this article explains things nicely.

  • It’s more addictive than cocaine

    A study on rats showed sugar is preferred over, and is more addictive than, cocaine. The study was conducted on animals (it can’t, ethically, ever be conducted on humans). But the point is a strong…

  • The white stuff makes you fat

    A meta-analysis study published in the British Medical Journal shows increased sugar intake is significantly associated with weight gain and an increased risk of obesity in children having just one sweetened drink per day. Want…

  • Pancreatic cancer uses sugar as fuel

    This study by UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center shows cells of the pancreas can readily use fructose to generate DNA and RNA for cell proliferation (tumour growth).

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