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What’s in the Program?

we can do it

We’ll be frank: there are a few harsh-ish realities to bear in mind if you’re thinking of quitting the white stuff.

It will take eight weeks: Studies say it takes between 21 and 66 days to change a habit from a psychological perspective. Sarah’s experience and research found it took most people the same amount of time to overcome the physical habit of quitting sugar, too. Sugar is a gnarly habit; it’s advised that you pace yourself. Do it properly over eight weeks. Click here to join the I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program. 

You’ll be quitting fruit: When you quit sugar, you must quit ALL of it. Fruit, fruit juice, agave and honey included. Some nutritionists advise just cutting out the added sugar. But a growing bulk of experts agree: it’s best to get rid of all of it at first, so you can break the addiction, and then recalibrate.

At the six-week mark, once the addiction to sugar is broken, you might feel fine to introduce a few pieces of fruit a day back into your diet, as well as some sugar alternatives. But we’ll get to that later.

There is a detox period: And you might feel like crap. This lasts only a week or two for some. For others it can last six weeks. After that, it’s a non-issue. We promise.

Yes, you will be able to eat chocolate. Amen! For the nitty-nutty-gritty on this, check out our “Can I Eat Chocolate?” fact sheet on the topic.

The Program is supported by accredited dieticians. We’ve included experts in the process of building our Program and have a credible panel of I Quit Sugar Experts. You’ll see posts from them cropping up as you explore the site. 

It’ll cost you $150 for the 8-Week Program.

If you have any more questions, you might find some of them answered in our Frequently Asked Questions section 

Please be respectful of other participants in the conversation. We'd love you to keep your comments respectful, friendly and relevant. Differences of opinion are welcome, but trolling and abuse of other commentators and the IQS editorial team is not and will result in blacklisting.

  • shellyshuey

    Just joined. I have the book and was successful for a time, but I think group support is what will pull me through…

  • tegan

    I am really keen to sign up for the 8 week program, just curious i have all the iqs cookbooks already, i noticed that it says 200+ recipes on the program, are these a new collection or the same as the books?
    thanks :)

  • Dr. Guest

    hi! i’m thinking of signing up for the program. i do have a wedding out of town on sept 7 and won’t be able to make my own food for that weekend. how hard is it to eat out with this program?

    i also was wondering how hard/complicated/time-consuming the menus are. i’m a decent cook, but i’m not the greatest with new recipes :-/

    finally, i’m trying to convince my bf to join me. he has hypertension, diabetes, and obesity in his family, but he himself is young, thin, and healthy. only problem is he relies on pasta, cinnamon rolls/muffins/etc, and rice at every meal. how can i convince him this is a good idea? thanks so much!


    Hi! i have signed up for the program and am just wondering when the information will be sent through: e.g. shopping lists etc.. Also, will this be emailed to us or put on the website?

    • IQS_Team

      Hi Rachel,

      The Starter Kit will be distributed tomorrow; the Week One Meal Plan, Shopping List and Sunday Cook-Up on the August 23rd.

      See you in the forums!

      • Hols

        Has anyone gotten this starter kit yet? I just signed up but there is nothing on the website once you log in about a starter kit and nothing has been emailed through to me about it?



        • Shihoko Ura

          Same as Holly, I have signed up but can not find the starter kit anywhere on the site nor received anything via email. one comment before said that the starter kit is distributed…. where??
          Thank you


          • Kate

            Same here. Iqs team I signed up after the starter kit got distributed so I did nor receive it. Please send through to us newbies.

          • Shihoko Ura

            Thank you IQS team, I received email today with the link to the Starter Kit.

      • Jess F

        I just signed up today, will I receive the started kit link shortly or over the next couple of days? Feeling a little confused about the next step! Super excited though! x

  • Mon

    Hi: Does the programme include the I Quit Sugar book, and is it vegetarian-friendly?

    • IQS_Team

      We now offer a vegetarian meal plan, but the IQS books are not included. We do provide some really great info along the way, along with the latest studies, tips, tricks, access to experts, live webinars and more.

  • Jo

    hi, just wondering if this program would be suitable for a type 1 diabetic?

  • Suja

    Hi I have just signed up but can find access to the Starter Kit anywhere and want to use this week to be really prepared. Please advise.

  • Forever Young

    Hi there
    I recently signed up on Sunday 18th Aug wondering when i will receive link to the starter kit. The only time i’m free without kids is this FRi and would really like to do all the shopping I need for then.


    • IQS_Team

      The emails have all been sent out now. If you still haven’t received anything from us, please email
      The shopping lists will be issued every Friday fro the following week.

  • Umm Halil

    Hi there this program looks great! I just found out about it. Is it possible to pay or the registration by instalments? Thanks

  • Simone Crozier

    Hi, I signed up for the program last week and have not received a starter kit as yet. Please can you advise how I go about getting this. Thanks.

    • IQS_Team

      Hi Simone,
      Please send an email to and we can assist you from there.

  • JenH

    Are we still drinking tea and coffee during the 8 week program?

    • IQS_Team

      Tea and coffee are ok, but we recommend using full-fat milk and cutting out any sweeteners. Be mindful that coffee and tea are diuretics and can be dehydrating. Caffeine-free herbal teas are a good option.

  • traceyr

    Hi, I joined the program on the 21st of August but haven’t received anything… email, starter kit or receipt. The program starts today and I have no idea where to start. Can you please advise how I get the starter kit etc? Thanks

  • Madison

    Hi, I was wondering how detrimental it is to quit fruit completely? I am up to my 3rd week without sugar but have been having blueberries and raspberries in my oats for breakfast. Does this defeat the purpose of my sugar free detox? A little worried. Thanks.

    • IQS_Team

      Hey Madison,
      Don’t panic if you have already started the program. The start of the the program is about reducing sugars and we do recommended that fruit is omitted from your diet from week 2 so that your body can recalibrate. After quitting fruit for a few weeks, it is okay to re-introduce some low fructose fruit such as blueberries and raspberries.
      The 8-week program has more information about how to go about quitting sugar. The next program will kick off in February but if you are looking for guidance, take a look at our I Quit Sugar e-book here:

  • Bianca

    Hi- I want to sign up for Feb intake. But will I also receive the IQS book, or is this additional?

    • IQS_Team

      HI Bianca – the 8WP doesn’t include the book, but it does cover a lot of material that’s available in the book.

  • Suzy

    Hi Sarah, I already have the I Quit Sugar book but have not done it whole heartedly, even though, I have seen a difference with my health already. Should I get on board with this new programme? Always interested in new recipes and noticed you have a vegetarian alternative, I’m not one, but love a bit of vegetarian in my diet. So, which programme should I go for. Trying to talk hubby into doing it with me…he’s more of a meat eater :)

    • IQS_Team

      If you want the complete I Quit Sugar experience then the online Program is perfect for you. The Meal Plans are incredibly tasty (even if we do say so ourselves) and the fact that you have constant online support from the other Program participants, the IQS Team and the IQS Experts is one of the biggest advantages of doing the Program online. If you want to do it with hubby (and get him 100% on board) then go the standard meal plan. There are still plenty of vego options on there but enough meat to satisfy your man.

  • Herdis Palmadottir

    Hi, can I join the program? Living in Norway?

  • Michelle Russell Lopez

    What happens in the program? Is there a support group, webcasts, phone calls? I would like more details before I sign up .

  • Kate

    Hi there,
    I’m really keen to do the 8 week program but will be living very remotely for the second half. I will have access to coles online shopping and possibly a great organic shop but will only get delivery every 2 weeks.
    Do the meal plans change much over the 8 weeks? Or would I be better off doing the whole program 2 weeks behind everyone else!!? And will I be able to find most ingredients in coles (Alice Springs doesn’t have the best range)?

  • Kate

    It says you must quit fruit entirely but why do recipes in the book include fruit for example apples and grapefruit and lemon in the green smoothie?? I am not sure if I should steer clear of these recipes, I have just started week one.

    Thanks in advance for your advice :) Much appreciated!!

  • David

    Hi, I am going to join the Feb intake, this will be a challenge for the program, as I a life long sugar addict. However I am remain very optimistic that I will find success here.
    I have some questions pretaining to post program support, (is there any?), also in terms of philosophy of the program, is this a total abstinence based model? (such as AA for an example) or is this more of a harm minimisation approach?. The other question I have is, that I am not a big fan or user of Facebook or Twitter, will this impede my experience of the program?

    • IQS_Team

      Hi David, sorry it has taken so long to reply. I’m going to tackle your questions individually.
      1. Post Program support: one of the key features of our Program are the forums where you can interact with other participants. We encourage you to keep in touch with them once the Program is over to offer support. You may even wish to arrange meet-ups for other IQS participants in your area.
      2. IQS isn’t about complete abstinence. The Program itself eliminates all sugar and sweeteners from Week 2 to Week 5. In Week 6 we introduce some sweeteners back in. After the 8-weeks is complete the daily recommended intake of sugar is 6-9 teaspoons and we stick by this. Completing the Program allows you to manage your sugar intake, after all 2 pieces of fruit a day will already get you to your daily limit.
      3. The entire Program will take place on the website and through email. There will be nothing on Facebook or Twitter that will exclude you.
      I hope I have answered all of your questions. Looking forward to seeing you in the forums.

  • Alica

    Hi- I’m going to sign up for the January 30th program. I just have a question about the meal plans. I’m not vegetarian, I eat eggs and fish, but don’t eat chicken or any other meat. Am I better of with the vegetarian meal plan or is it easy enough to change the standard one? Thanks so much, really looking forward to it!!

    • IQS_Team

      Hey Alica,
      We recommend you opt for the vegetarian plan and add fish to dishes when you feel like some. There are plenty of yummy dishes using eggs.

      • Alica

        Thank you! Signing up now….

  • JAA9611

    Wondering if anyone with IDDM (insulin dependent diabetes mellitus) has completed the program and if so how did they find it?

  • Rachel S

    How many times a year does the 8 week programme happen? I’m moving house and don’t think I can manage to do the end Jan/Feb programme with everything else going on.

    • IQS_Team

      Hi Rachel, we’re hoping to kick off another round later in the year. In the meantime, why not take a look at some of our eBooks?

  • Katie

    Hi, Does signing up for the IQS Program only give access to ‘standard’ or ‘vegetarian’ menus, or do you get access to both so you can pick-and-choose by day?
    I am a fish-eating vegetarian and would like to do the IQS program. I try to steer away from too many lentils / chickpeas / kidney beans so wondering if it’s best to sign up for the regular IQS program and adapt the recipes to seafood/food i eat, or to sign up for the Vegetarian option and adapt any legume-y recipes / add seasfood options? I plan on adding bone broth into my diet, but not yet considering other meats.

    • IQS_Team

      Hi Katie,

      Thanks for your question. You’ll only get access to the meal plan you choose (Standard vs. Vegetarian), plus the recipe repository. It’s full of great recipes that you can browse through and substitute meals if you wish.

      I think you’d be best off sticking with the Vegetarian Meal Plan, and substituting the legumes for fish. The Standard Meal Plan might be a little too meat-heavy.

      I hope this helps!

  • Renee

    Hi, I’m thinking of joining the 8 week challenge but my only question is I’m breastfeeding my 6 month old baby and hoping that I can do this program and breastfed? Thanks

  • Danielle

    I have just started eliminating sugar from our family diet and will be joining the jan/feb 8 week program. I have read the ebook thoroughly but I am a little confused. Am I and my kids able to eat any food with a sugar content of less than 6g sugar per 100g and 8g per 100g for dairy. Does this mean we can still have grainy wholemeal bread, brown rice, wholemeal pasta and cruskits? Thanks :)

    • IQS_Team

      Hey Danielle,
      Of course you can still have wholemeal bread, brown rice + pasta! Double-check the ingredients list of the cruskits though. There are plenty of crackers out there that are sugar-free.
      We’ll be giving you a lot more information at the end of January but great work cutting back on sugar in the lead up :)

  • Melanie Winter

    Hello, I am thinking of doing the program starting on the 30th Jan 2014, but from the 3rd-7th of Feb I will be at a work conference where I will be eating hotel and restaurant food. I should be able to avoid fruit and sugar generally, but may be limited in choices of sauces etc if we eat thai or other choices that may contain sugar. Do you think its still worth doing this time?

  • Belinda

    Hi. I am currently waiting for one of the I Quit Sugar books to arrive but am also thinking of signing up for the Jan/Feb program but have couple concerns. Firstly I’m doing this as I struggle with balancing food & excercise wherby my excessive excercising seems to be fuelled by my sweet cravings & vise versa. I want to do the program to acheive balance once & for all in my life. My main concern is I want to keep running & exercising but am worried that no sugar will leave me with no energy to train. Will the meals offered still provide adequate nutrition to keep exercising?? Also how do people cope going out to eat or is it off limits for 8 weeks??
    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated as I know I don’t have long to make my decision…

  • Bella

    Hi! Im just wanting to know some more facts about the rice syrup- why is it ok to have this on a no sugar diet? Thank you!

  • Bec

    Hi. Are the recipes that on shown here only available when you join the 8 week challenge or r they all available in an e book? Thanks.

    • IQS_Team

      They’re only available as part of the online 8-Week Program. x

  • Amy

    I have signed up to start the program on the 30th January. Just wondering if we start cooking the meals on the Thursday or wait until Sunday when its our ‘cook up’ day?

    • IQS_Team

      Hi Amy,

      Best to start on Sunday if possible. We just provide you with the recipes on Thursday so you have plenty of time to get your shopping done.

  • charlene

    hi can i join living in the UK?

    • IQS_Team

      Yes, Charlene, you certainly can!

  • Marie

    I would love to embrace the “I quit sugar” philosophy and live at least a moderately sugar-free lifestyle. I would like to sign up for the programme next time it is available (when might it be?) because this time I will be traveling without access to internet or phone.

    Could you please advice me how to live sugar-free with my lifestyle? My work regularly takes me to lots of very cold places (Arctic, Antarctic) where sugar and fat are the main food ingredients. I always gain a lot of weight because of that. There are no fruits or veggies. We have very limited cooking options and often stay in tents. Eating chocolate or granola bars during the day is usually the only option. It is also hard to stay warm without regular intake of sweets and fat. I am usually there for several months so I can’t bring my own sugar-free snacks (or ingredients for them) beforehand not can I make any whilst there.

    I also spend a lot of time on ships, where there is a set menu and I can either eat what is offered or not eat at all :-)

    I would be incredibly grateful for any advice.

    Thank you very much and All the Best.

  • Trisha

    Is the 8 week program cost $150 US dollars also?

    • IQS_Team

      It’s $150 Australian dollars, you will have to work out the conversion according to the exchange rate at the time.

  • Suz

    Hi, I currently do not eat fruit or sugar but looking for a diet that has weekly meal plans and good receipes. I eat healthy but still have problems losing weight. Is weight loss still possible on this plan?

    • IQS_Team

      Hi Suz – around 62% of people report weight loss on the 8-Week Program. We offer weekly meal plans with easy-to-prep recipes, as well as snack options.

  • JJ

    I don’t eat beef and very rarely pork – would you recommend I sign up for the vegetarian option – or will i be missing out on lots of great recipes for chicken and seafood?

  • Amanda Huxtable

    I’m interested in doing the 8 week program and I’d really like to be able to do both meat and vegetarian meals, can you let me know if this is possible? thanks Amanda

    • IQS_Team

      Hi Amanda – at the moment we are only able to offer either standard or vegetarian.

  • Violet

    hello! I’m keen to quit! I have just started using natvia brand stevia/ethyritol (the ad pops up on this site! )so i’m guessing it’s a good sugar substitue to use? Also i’ve found a brand of chocolate that’s sugar free. THe brand is called WellNaturally and the chocolate is sweetened with stevia, ethyritol but also lists polydextrose. It says it’s suitable for diabetics (I’m not diabetic) which makes me think it should be a good choice for people avoiding sugar?
    If you could let me know if these are ok that would really help with cutting sugar out!
    Thanks :)

  • Amy Johnson

    hi I just received the shopping list and a few items I am not fond of eating and was wondering if there is any different items I could use instead?
    1. vanilla yoghurt – can I use another flavour such as strawberry?
    2. Avocado
    3. olives
    4. tuna
    5. capers
    Thanks in advance :)

    • IQS_Team

      Hi Amy, we wouldn’t recommend strawberry yoghurt, best to stick with a full-fat natural yoghurt. You could replace the tuna with chicken or another preferred protein.

  • Melissa

    I live with my boyfriend and we cook together. I just signed up for the program and by default, my boyfriend is tagging along (although he probably won’t really stick to it but rather just eat the food I prepare). Should I just double the recipes or is the meal plan large enough to let him scoop in?

  • Mistry

    Yesterday I stumbled across Sarah’s IQS book in the supermarket, I had a quick look through and thought that I would give this plan a try, unfortunately I’m a bit late to the party and I have missed being able to sign up to this 8 week programme, I was wondering if I bought the book would I be able do it myself or is it best to wait for the next 8 week programme?

    • IQS_Team

      Hey Mistry,
      You can certainly do it yourself. The online Program just ramps the whole experience up for you by supplying meal plans, shopping lists, recipes, forums, expert support and much more. The next one starts in June but you can certainly get started with the book by applying all of the principles.

  • Nat

    Hi, Id luv to start the program but the next one in in June, I just bought your book, and would like to see an example of a one week plan so I could start it now and not wait until June, how can I get one?

  • Rosi Thomas

    Is there lots of seafood recipes? My fiance and I are do not like eating seafood and was wondering what to do if we’re given those recipes.

  • Krysp

    Hi, I see no mention of coffee, does that mean that long black is in or out?

    • IQS_Team

      Nope, you can continue to drink coffee on the Program. We encourage full fat milk rather than skim, or black if you prefer.

  • Toni

    Hi I’m interested in signing up for the 8 week program but notice the next one doesn’t start until June what will I get out of signing up now. Can I get some meal plans etc to get started

    • IQS_Team

      Hi Toni – the reason we start together is because, as a community, it’s much easier to quit sugar with the support of others. We encourage people to sign up early so they can prepare their pantry and start to get their head around how the Program works on receipt of their Starter Kit.

      • Toni

        ok thanks will look at signing up this week

      • Jen

        Hi there! How soon after you join are you supposed to receive your starter kit? I can’t find this info anywhere and not sure if I should be waiting for it or if something is wrong. I want to be shopping and preparing for the program that starts on the 5th. Thanks so much!

        • IQS_Team

          Hi Jen,

          You should have received the link to your Starter Kit on sign up. Can you check your spam box and see if it’s been caught? If not, email us at and we’ll investigate from there.

          • Jen

            Been checking spam since day one and nothing. :-( I will email now! Thank you!

  • Eileen

    Hi, I would love to join your programme, however I don’t have the time for the groceries or cooking it. I am actually a really bad cook. Is there anywhere I could purchase the already cook meal ? Eg, like “light and easy”

    • IQS_Team

      Hi Eileen, the 8WP is much more than just the Meal Plans. We explain in depth HOW to quit sugar, as well as offering tips, tricks, access to experts and live webinars. For that reason we don’t sell the Meal Plans individually.

  • Belinda

    Question please. I would like to do the program but am not a big meat eater but do like to include occasionally. Is it possible to switch between the standard and vegetarian programs ?
    Thanking you in advance.

    • IQS_Team

      Hi Belinda – unfortunately at the moment we can’t switch between the two. You could either do the veggo plan and add protein in, or cut back on the protein in the standard meat plan. Hope that helps.

  • hannah

    Hi, I have chronic fatigue syndrome. Have you had others with this do the programme?

    • IQS_Team

      Hey Hannah,
      Not that we’re aware of but quitting sugar is a huge step in the right direction when it comes to battling chronic fatigue. Sugar wreaks havoc on your adrenals and increases inflammation two factors which greatly affect someone suffering from CFS.

  • Joy

    Hello, I understand that this program is recommended for those, like me, with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and/or other autoimmune diseases. I’ve purchased recently Sarah’s book “I Quit Sugar” and understand that eggs, certain dairy products, nuts, and legumes are frequently recommended and incorporated into recipes as a part of the 8 week program as per the book. However, other sources identify these, and many many other foods, as foods for those with autoimmune diseases to avoid strictly. How do you reconcile these views/explain such conflicting information?

    • IQS_Team

      Hi Joy,
      Our Program is primarily to help people quit sugar. Quitting sugar also happens to significantly reduce symptoms of AI diseases. Everybody is different and everybody has different tolerances for certain foods. The recipes in the Program are what worked for Sarah but we always advise consulting your nutritionist or doctor before embarking on any new Program.

    • Sarah Wilson

      Hi Joy, I’ll add to the comment below from the team…I think you are referring to the strict AI protocol. Me personally – I eat eggs and dairy quite regularly. Nuts – I eat only when I’m NOT in the middle of a flare. Legumes and most grains I avoid. The 8WP program reflects these principles because they tend to work for most people. The AI protocol, I think, is very beneficial. But I’ve found quitting sugar first and foremost did me so much good, I haven’t had to restrict the other foods so much. I can’t say what will work for you. You can get a good indication of the types of recipes by looking at our recipe section on the site.

  • angie

    Hi. I am looking to join the 8 week program. Can you tell me if the shopping list and meal plans are set up for a single person, or does everything assume a couple or family. I have previously done another health program where the meal plans catered for couples and families of 4 and I found as a single I just wasted lots of food or had to buy certain ingredients that I only used a fraction of.

  • Jennjenn

    Can I start the program tomorrow or do I have to wait till June? Is fish included in the veg option. I eat meat every once and a while so. To sure which option to go for? Thanks

    • Jordanna – IQS Community Editor

      Hey Jennjenn,

      We all kick off at the same time on June 5.

  • Laura

    Hi. I have fructose malabsorption and I’ve being looking at some of the recipes to get a better understanding of what may be involved. I noticed that there are few things used that are on my ‘foods to avoid’ list. Are alternatives given for the higher fructose natural ingrediants?

    • sweetlikecandy

      I have fructose malabsorption as well and would be keen to know the answer to this question, really keen to do the program!

      • IQS_Team

        Hi Laura,

        During the Program we cut out fructose entirely in the first few weeks, and the reintroduce sweetness back in Week 6. Without know your specific “foods to avoid”, it’s hard to say whether we offer alternatives, but we do provide swaps for paleo, gluten and dairy.

        Hope this helps!

  • Samantha

    Hi There! I’ve just purchased the “I Quit Sugar” book and i’m very excited to get started. There are lots of yummy recipes included but I just wondered what would be suggested for dinners? Would these be the de-tox recipes? Thanks so much

  • Lisa Robinson

    I have both books and thinking of join the plan, however, we have a few occasions coming up over the summer and meals out are planned , how will that fit into the plan? Also, I am a bit concerned of the ingredients cost and will they be available in the UK. Tried to make the nutty granola but the big Tesco Extra supermarket in my town doesn’t even sell Coconut flakes!

  • patti

    i’m interested in the 8 week program but i’m a vegan. do you think the vegetarian program would be OK for me — i would just have to take away the animal products you have in the recipes. is there any way to get a preview of the vegetarian program? thanks.

  • Holly

    Does the plan set out example meals for only breakfast lunch and dinner or are snack ideas also included?

  • Megsbinaus

    Can you drink coffee?

  • Mary

    I did the program last round and lost over 2 stone..I was wondering if this new round is the same recipes or different – as winter is coming? I don’t want too join again if the plan was the same?.. thanks for answering.. This plan works for anyone that is questioning.. :)

  • Bec

    Hi, I’ve just signed up, and was wondering roughly how many calories per day one would consume using your meal plans?

  • stefanie

    Hi, are the 8-week programs suited to season? E.g in winter are there more stews and soups and in summer salads and lighter foods?

  • Narelle

    Hi there, chicken is the only meat I eat. Can I do the standard program and substitute or should I do the vegetarian?

  • Carmen

    The add for the program notes that it has 60% new recipes. I’ve already quit sugar however I would love to have some new recipes. Is there any why to access these new recipes without buying the whole program?

  • Rhonda

    Hi I joined up a couple of weeks ago and have been getting charged the $19.99 weekly fee already which isnt a problem. Someone mentioned that I would get a startup kit – can you advise when i will receive this. Thanks

  • Tania

    Hi there,
    I’ve read a number of comments below about the Vegetarian and Meat versions of the IQS plan, and that you can only choose one or the other at this stage. Just to help me decide which program to go on (as I’m not a red meat eater), can you tell me if the recipes in the vegetarian plan will be available in the recipe section of the site (and vice versa) for us to switch meals in and out of the program where the planned meal doesn’t suit?

  • Emily

    Hi, I am keen to try this program but I am unable to eat gluten or lactose. Is the program suitable?

  • Runnergirl

    Hi there. Is there any scope/suggestions for vegan substitutes in the vegetarian plan? Also will I be able to benefit from everything in the programme if I’m in the UK and I join?

  • Elissa

    I signed up for the programme and have not received anything yet ? I have been paying for it as we’ll for week, it starts tomorrow and I don’t know what to start with . Can someone please advise me ?

    • Vikkib cq

      Elissa I haven’t received anything yet in my inbox, I thought I would see something first thing this morning. I am hoping they are just putting in some final tweaks and it will arrive shortly otherwise I guess I will email them.

      • Pip

        I am waiting too, eagerly checking my inbox every five minutes – mind you I am in NZ across the ditch and we’re two hours ahead – so I wasn’t expecting an email at the crack of dawn. Can’t wait!

        • Vikkib cq

          Oh that seems to be what is happening then Pip….at least I know they did not leave me out if others are still waiting… Ive made sure I have all the bits and pieces they have already told us about and I have been looking at the pantry list in one of the books too. Im hoping this will be just the push I need. Im sure others are checking their inboxes often as well…..

  • Jennifer

    I have not received anything yet either. I thought we were supposed to get a shopping list emailed to us this past weekend.

  • Immii

    Hi, how much is the 8 week program?

  • Alison

    Hi, I signed up for the meat IQS accidentally, and I am vegetarian. Can i swap to the vegetarian option?

  • Peta

    Is the online program any different to the one in the book?

  • Wen

    I was wondering if the program gives you a meal plan or just guide lines

  • Melons

    I have a similar question about fruit, as I’m a little bit confused. I normally have a teaspoon of fresh raspberries with my breakfast and use half a lemon and half an apple in my juices. Is this OK, or should I be cutting fruit out completely?

    • IQS_Team

      Hey Melons,
      We cut fruit out in the 8-Week-Program to recalibrate your sweet palate. Although we include lemons throughout the entire Program. After this time, we recommend two serves of fruit a day, introducing low fructose fruits such as berries, kiwi fruit and grapefruit. Apples, especially green apples are lowest in fructose and we use these too.

  • Andrea Widmer

    I just got the book to get started with the 8 week programm. I looked through it but I can’t find any information about eating carbs. Until now I have avoided to eat carbs after 4pm. Is it ok to eat carbs during the programm? At any time? What do you suggest? Thank you for the advice.

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