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Jackie, life coach and nurse: “I reversed my pre-diabetes and came off my thyroid medication.”

jackie with kids
Photo by: [image supplied by the author]

Jackie is mum to Jacob and Amelie and used to think she ate “good sugars”. Until…

My I Quit Sugar story and connection to Sarah began in July 2012. I am mummy of two children, a busy life coach, wellness chef and nurse. Like Sarah, I thought I had a healthy diet. I cooked most of our foods and we ate gluten and dairy-free as our children and I have food allergies. But being a busy mum, I cut corners.  The one thing I really didn’t look at was the amount of sugars in what we ate. We ate “good” sugar most of the time – rapadura, palm sugar, honey – but I know now that it’s all lethal.

It took a random blood test for me to realise how lethal sugar had become.

Out of the blue, my blood sugar was 10.7 mmol. Scary stuff for a person with a predisposition to diabetes. I had Hashimotos and Celiac disease. That I could handle; but not diabetes. My vision of myself at 50 was not one of medication, weight management and diabetic complications.

So I seriously took action, downloaded Sarah’s book and read it in a night. I binned all processed foods and concentrated sugars and noticed immediately a huge difference in the behaviour and focus of our children and then really amazing things started happening to me.

I went from a size 12 to a 9 without even trying.

I went off Thyroxin.

I was hyperthyroid rather than hypo. I felt the best the healthiest in my life and my Thyroxin dosage was officially reduced by a third. My blood sugar dropped to 4.6 mmol.

All in two months of eating differently.

Fast-track to now and I am off my thyroxin, no longer pre-diabetic and I am managing my Hashimotos with food therapy and lifestyle. Our children’s immunity has improved, we have had a winter and a rainy summer without colds, flu’s and asthma. Our energy, fun, health and happiness are infectious.

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  • Donna Gilbertson

    Like Jackie I also quit sugar & came off thyroxine for my hypothyroidism, so amazing! I thought I would be taking thyroxine for the rest of my life & was concerned about the long term effects of that, but now I don’t have to worry :) thank you Sarah Wilson and the IQS team!! :)

    • Jackie

      Congrats Donna, its a wonderful feeling especially since we are all told “its for life”

      • Trudy

        Hi Jackie,

        Glad to hear you’re feeling so much better!

        I’m just starting the IQS programme and have had hypothyroidism for 14 years now so can’t wait to see if it makes a difference to my levels. One question though I don’t understand why you’d be taking thyroxine with an over active thyroid (hyperthyroidism)? I’d love to know?!!


        • Jackie Isles

          Hi Trudy
          I wasn’t taking thyroxine for hyperthyroidism, I have an underactive thyroid. Once the inflammation is my body started to subside I flipped into a hyper state, my thyroid started to work on its own, and needed to reduce my thyroxine as I was over medicated..therefore in a hyper state. Best of wellness in your IQS journey

  • abfab4ty

    Hi, just wondering on the thoughts on fats changing in juts when they are roasted. U live the crunchy granola but have been told the good fats are changed to fats which can’t be digested in our bodies.

  • Emma

    Sarah I would love to know how sugar is linked to your thyroid. I have hypothyroidism and just always thought (and was told) that I would be on Thyroxin for the rest of my life. Thyroid issues are quite common. I know lots of people, including my own family members, with hypo- or hyper-thyroidism.

  • Mel T

    Jackie your an amazing inspiration to all mum’s and people with various illness and disease, so proud to be your friend!

    • Jackie

      thanks Mel T xox

  • Sharon Johnson

    How can you come off Thyroxine when it is sometimes the only thing keeping people with hypothyroidism going? Hashimoto’s disease cannot be reversed, nor can it be treated wtih anything but medication and diet according to medical information – would love to hear more about this.

    • Jackie Isles

      Hi Sharon
      There is a lot of research suggesting that it is very possible to kick start Thyroid function again. Its a very complex disease caused by inflammatory craziness attacking our thyroid. If you take the inflammatory load off any diseased area , it can heal. Inflammmation is caused by many many factors, being physical,environmental,emotional,mental,spiritual..
      Have a read of Dr Libby Weaver,Dr Mark Hyman, Dr Sara Gottfried, Mary Shoman’s work as a starting point

  • Sam

    I’m at the end of third week and I can see a huge difference! Veggies are super sweet now and I don’t feel tired in the afternoon, so I do not need bars of chocolate and spoons of honey to stop sleepy mood. Thanks, Sarah! :)

    • Anna

      Hey Sam
      Are you losing weight? I’m into week 5 and the only sugar that is making minimal appearances is the brown rice sugar. Which is still very minimal. I haven’t lost an ounce. I don’t need to lose a lot but I thought 5 lbs would be nice. I am gluten free as well and when I started that in September I gained weight. I’m so confused.


      • Amanda

        Hi Anna… Curious to know how you went with the IQS 8 weeks? I haven’t done it yet, but have gone GF about a month or so ago to see if that helps with migraine headaches, and have gained weight. Also take thyroxine for under active thyroid. Seriously thinking of doing the next round of IQS. I don’t really need to lose weight but it would be nice to shed 5kg. If you can let me know how you went I’m keen to find out…

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