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Adam: “I now have a complexion, cheekbones and a four-pack”

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Adam is a good friend of ours at I Quit Sugar, and has been around since Day Dot. We asked him to share his story.

Most Sundays I would sit down at breakfast and destroy passion-fruit and ricotta pancakes. I friggin love them so much and, if I’m honest, I’ll still get them when I hate myself. One of my favourite things to do during breakfast was to read Sarah’s column in Sunday Life, maybe because it was refreshing to hear from a woman who wasn’t flogging cosmetics.

I remember her first foray into the sugar-free experiment, and I remember thinking to my self, “pfft we’re supposed to eat sugar, it’s where we get our energy”, and then dismissed the article.

I used to play ice hockey at a high level representing Australia and internationally. I decided about five years ago to get back into it again. The big difference between being a high-level athlete in my twenties to a beer league warrior in my thirties was my energy levels and time to recover.

Picture of adam before

This was me before…

Every morning after a game I would ache and cramp. I would stretch, run, swim and nothing could beat the cramps, then I would sit at work like a tired old donkey with no legs. I’m not sure where I read it but Steve Nash (a professional basketballer in the NBA) wrote an article on competing in your thirties and he attributes some of his performance and longevity in the game to quitting sugar.

Hearing it from a guy who I admire was the impetus to give this quitting sugar a shot.

My typical routine at ice hockey practice was to drink a can of Coke or Red Bull prior, Gatorade during and beer after.

Now, I mix a 1.25 liter bottle of water with a teaspoon of Celtic sea-salt and sip it during practice.

To be honest, I didn’t notice a difference in my energy or fatigue. Its what happened the next morning that shocked me, I got straight up out of bed with no stiffness or cramps, no eyelids stuck to my eyeballs, no drowsiness, no nothing! I did this for about a month’s worth of games and practices until one of my teammates gave everyone a Gatorade before the game. The next morning I was cramped, tired and dehydrated.

That was maybe two years ago.

I have completely dropped sugar and I will never go back.

I now have a complexion, cheekbones, a six (four?) pack and loads of energy. And I actually think I’m more positive and optimistic.

This is not a fad diet for me or detox religion.

I’m skeptical, stubborn and opinionated, but quitting sugar was one of the best things I ever did.

And I can see the difference.

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