10 uses for those extra jars you have lying around

By Alexandra McCarthy |

I Quit Sugar For Life

How many jars have you currently got stacked in your cupboards? If you’re like us, then it’s likely a lot!

Instead of binning them – or letting them continue to collect dust – why not try repurposing them into something you can actually use?

Make the most of your leftover jars with these handy ideas…  

1. Toteable lunchbox.

Forget lugging around bulky lunchboxes and instead, try using a glass jar as your toteable lunchbox. You can easily cram a whole chopped salad into a jar, so all you have to do when lunch rolls around is empty the contents into a bowl and chow down! Plus, jars also make it super easy to tote smoothies, nuts or bliss balls around. And have you heard about dessert in a jar? Give our Lemon Meringue Pies in Jars a whirl – you’ll love ‘em.

I Quit Sugar: Lemon Pie in Jars

2. Mixer for your salad dressings.

A jar is also the perfect vehicle for homemade salad dressing as there’s plenty of room to add in all sorts of ingredients, pop the lid on and shake. You’ll have a perfectly blended salad dressing every single time.

3. Preserved veggies.

We always bang on about the importance of gut health and a super simple way to boost yours is through fermented veg. And, guess what you ferment veggies in? Glass jars! While pickling and fermenting might seem intimidating, it’s actually really easy. Our Leftover Veggie Stem Pickle takes mere moments to throw together and you’ll have pickled veg in no time.

I Quit Sugar - Love-your-leftovers with our Veggie Stem Pickle

4. Storage for everything + anything.

Leftover jars are perfect for storage and the options are literally endless! You can use them to store spices and grains like quinoa, buckwheat and rice, as well as batteries and tea bags. Throw pens or makeup brushes into jars to keep them contained, or put all of your needles and thread in one for a compact sewing kit. Easy peasy!

5. Non-toxic room deodoriser.

Don’t bother wasting your money on chemical-based air fresheners – which put more crap into the air which you really don’t need – and make one of your own which you can house in a leftover jar. Simply fill your glass jar halfway with baking soda and add in 10 drops of your favourite essential oils and you’re done! Baking soda is great for absorbing smells and by adding the essential oil, you’ll release a nice scent into the air at the same time! Simply leave the lid off the jar, or drill a few holes in the lid to allow the scent to escape. 

6. Salt + pepper shakers.

You can easily transform small jars into salt and pepper shakers with the help of a drill! Using a small drill part, make small holes in the top of the lid, then all you have to do is fill your jars with salt and pepper and you’re done. This would also work well for dried herbs and spices.

7. Plants.

It’s particularly easy to create a little garden with the help of glass jars and herbs and succulents are the easiest to grow this way. Simply fill your jars with soil and get plantin’. While succulents thrive in well-drained pots, they also grow in jars without holes, so don’t be put off by that.

8. Wine glasses.

Who needs wine glasses when you have glass jars? If it’s good enough for hipsters, it’s good enough for us! Simply fill and sip.

9. Homemade gifts.

Jars also make budget-friendly and inventive gifts – as long as you fill them with something! Gift your loved one a jar filled with the ingredients for their favourite biscuit – our Simply Sweet Biscuits are particularly good! – or try throwing some of our Coco-Nutty Granola in a jar for your bestie so all they have to do is spread it on a tray and bake in the oven!

10. Vase.

Thanks to their different shapes and sizes, jars make the perfect home for fresh flowers. Simply fill with water and plonk in your fave blooms. Plus, you can easily break up a bunch of flowers between a couple of vases and scatter around your house.

Thought of any other handy uses for those glass jars? Let us know in the comments below!

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