2-ingredient dough, four ways

By Phoebe McCreath + Olivia Kaplan |

I Quit Sugar - 2-ingredient dough, four ways

It’s amazing what you can do with just two ingredients…

That’s why we’ve harnessed the power of self-raising flour and yoghurt to make the most versatile dough ever! Then, by simply adding a pinch of this and a dash of that, we’ve turned it into four amazing treats.

To make the dough, simply add 3 cups of self-raising flour and 2 cups of full-fat plain or Greek yoghurt, mix it together and knead until combined. Then, you’re ready to roll…

Cheat’s Naan.

No naan? No problem! If you’re devouring a delicious curry tonight and you forgot to pick up some naan bread, look no further. Whip up our 2-ingredient dough, fry it in a little butter or coconut oil and voila!

I Quit Sugar - 2 Ingredient Dough Naan

Pizza Dough.

When the kids burst through the door at 3:05pm and are looking for a quick after-school snack, we’ve got you covered. Flatten out that dough and top with your fave toppings – we’ve opted for tomato paste, zucchini and cheese – then bake at 180ºC/350ºF/Gas Mark 4 until golden brown.

I Quit Sugar - 2 Ingredient Dough Pizza


This delicious recipe is straight from our 8-Week Program! Add your favourite herbs, a handful of cheese and half an onion to your dough, then bake at 220°C/425°F/Gas Mark 7 for 20 minutes. You could even top your scone with an egg for a nutrient-dense brekkie.

I Quit Sugar - 2 Ingredient Dough Scones

Pull-Apart Scrolls.

Swap out those bakery scrolls for our Pull-Apart Cinnamon Scrolls instead. Made with our easy-peasy dough and a sprinkling of blood sugar-lowering cinnamon, these are perfect for 3pm (AKA snack-o’clock), or even as fodder for the kids’ lunchboxes – feel free to leave the walnuts out!

I Quit Sugar - 2 Ingredient Dough Scrolls

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