What a mouthful! 3 gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free dessert recipes

By Shayl Prisk |


Want to make a mean sugar-free dessert recipe to get your dinner guests weak at the knees? But hold up, Susie’s gluten-free and cousin Bruce is off the dairy train… oh, what to do!

Well fear not, hosts and hostesses, because one of our fave food bloggers, Zainbah from La Gallette, is all over this with three incredible recipes. Bonus: two of these desserts are also completely vegan, in case uncle Larry wants a bite too!

Take a look at these three incredible desserts and check out Zainab on Instagram to get even more foodspiration for your next cooking project.

Strawberry-Caramel Centered Chocolate Cookies

It’s hard to imagine anything more decadent than these gooey chocolate cookies straight out of the oven.


French Style Vegan Crepes

This a perfect lazy Sunday treat. Zainab used coconut flour for dusting, and we love it.


Pistachio Torte with Raspberry Coulis

Pistachio meal? What a brill idea! This cake looks like it stepped straight out of a dream.


Note: Although these recipes are fructose-friendly, they are still quite sweet. We recommend making these desserts for special occasions only and keeping serving sizes small. You can read more about our sugar stance here.

Do you have a hard crowd to cater for? Tell us what recipes you’ve tried for the more sensitive guests below:

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