30 easy, healthy dinners (ready in 30 minutes or less)

By Camilla Wagstaff |

Tangled Thai Chicken Salad

Cooking dinner tonight?

We’ve got just the recipe. In fact, we’ve got 30 of them. And they’re all on the table in 30 minutes or less!

Hot tip: Make an extra serving and pack in a container for tomorrow’s lunch, (this is exactly how we structure the I Quit Sugar: 8-Week Program). Told you eating healthy didn’t have to be hard…

1. Peri-Peri Haloumi Tacos.

For when you need haloumi to make everything better.

Peri Peri Haloumi Tacos WP

2. Tangled Thai Chicken Salad.

Tangled Thai Chicken Salad

3. Savoury Spinach Pancakes.

For when you just need pancakes for dinner.

Savoury Spinach Pancakes

3. Detox Tuna Salad.

For when there’s only 5 minutes until Game Of Thrones starts.

I Quit Sugar - Detox Tuna Salad recipe

5. Spring Roll Bowl.

I Quit Sugar: Spring Roll Bowl

6. Straight-Up Steak with Blue Mushrooms.

I Quit Sugar: Straight-Up Steak with Blue Mushrooms

7. Green Minestrone.

For the day before pay day (under $2 a serve!).

I Quit Sugar - Green Minestrone Soup

8. Chicken Caesar Salad Bowl.

Chicken Caesar Salad Bowl

9. BBQ Pulled Mushroom Sanga.

BBQ Pulled Mushroom Sanga

10. Festive Mango + Pomegranate Salad.

For when you’re feeling festive.

Festive Mango and Pmegranate Salad

11. Beef Sirloin Superfood Salad.

I Quit Sugar: Beef Superfood Salad

12. Surf ‘n’ Turf Tacos.

For when you have exactly 33 minutes and can’t decide between fish and meat.

Surf 'n' Turf Tacos

13. Coconut Prawn Caesar Salad.

I Quit Sugar: Coconut Prawn Caesar Salad

14. Jerk Salmon Bowl.

For when you need a little Caribbean Paradise in your life.

Jerk Salmon Bowl

15. Sesame Crusted Salmon with Asian Slaw.

Sesame Crusted Salmon with Asian Slaw

16.Turkey San Choy Bow.

For when the Chinese takeaway menu is about to make an appearance.

I Quit Sugar - Turkey San Choy Bow

17. Breakfast Pizza.

For when dinner foods won’t cut it.

I Quit Sugar: SIBO Breakfast Pizza

18. Shanghai Stir-Fried Chunky Noodles.

I Quit Sugar: Shanghai Chunky Noodles

19. Chickpea + Coriander Burgers.

I Quit Sugar: Chickpea and Coriander Burgers

20. Winter Green and White Bean Salad with Mint + Olives.

For when you need something simple but comforting.

I Quit Sugar: Winter Bean Salad

21. Vegetable Soup with Asian Flavours.

I Quit Sugar: Vegatable Soup with Asian Flavours by Matt Stone

22. Poached Salmon, Almond + Grapefruit Couscous.

I Quit Sugar: Poached Salmon, Almond + Grapefruit Couscous

23. Lola Berry’s Green Shakshuka.

For when you need green in your life.

I Quit Sugar: Lola Berry's Green Shakshuka recipe

24. Chicken Burritos.

I Quit Sugar - The ultimate Chicken Burrito that’ll put any taco truck to shame

25. Mushroom Stroganoff on Sourdough Toast.

I Quit Sugar: Mushroom Stroganoff on Sourdough Toast

26. Quinoa Nori Rolls.

I Quit Sugar: Quinoa Nori Rolls by Ella Woodward

27. Stir No-Fry with Coconut Cauliflower Rice.

For when you need a veggie hit.


28. Salmon with Lemon, Olive and Parmesan Crust.

For when you need some brain food.

I Quit Sugar: Salmon with Lemon, Olive and Parmesan Crust by Cobram

29. Green Pea Salad with Ricotta + Prosciutto.


30. Rice Paper Rolls.

For when you’re feeling creative!

Rice Paper Rolls

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