4 sugar-free mocktails that are actually better than the real thing

By Rachel O'Regan |

I Quit Sugar recipe: No-Booze Blueberry Mojito

Here at IQS, we’re not adverse to a bit of alcohol consumed responsibly. A glass of red or a frosty beer with dinner, for example.

But cocktails are a whole nother story. With syrups, juice and sweet liqueurs in the mix, most mixed drinks we’ve come across are, well, cocktails of sugar.

These mocktails, on the other hand, are as close to virtuous as a festive tipple can be. Sweetened with a little fruit or rice malt syrup, take these out for a spin at your next party!

Oh, and by the way, if you want to make these alcoholic, just click the titles for instructions.

Zingy Passionfruit Shaker

Zing! Passionfruit, ginger and mint make this drink one of the most refreshing we’ve tried. Pool parties, here we come!

I Quit Sugar - Zingy Passionfruit Shaker

No-Booze Blueberry Mojito

The purple colour of this drink makes it way more exciting than ordinary mojito, if you ask us.

I Quit Sugar recipe: No-Booze Blueberry Mojito

Peachy Clean Mocktail

For those of you having a hot summer right now, this kombucha-peach-thyme spritzer is sure to cool you down.

I Quit Sugar: Peachy Clean Mocktail recipe

Virgin Ginger Mimosa

I Quit Sugar: Virgin Ginger Mimosa

We’ve added just one orange to sweeten this drink, and it tastes amazing!

What are your favourite sugar-free drinks during the holiday season?

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