5 classic Aussie dishes + our healthier versions

By Alexandra McCarthy |

Healthy Chocolate Lamingtons

Much of the food considered to be “true blue Aussie” isn’t exactly what we would call healthy…

But, that’s no reason to miss out! In fact, we’ve created a bunch of healthier versions of our fave Aussie foods to prove that ditching the sweet stuff isn’t about deprivation, it’s simply about making smarter food choices.

The next time you find yourself staring at a pack of chocolate biscuits longingly, whip up a batch of these whole food creations instead…

1. Ice blocks.

There’s nothing better than enjoying an ice block on a stinking hot day, especially one that’s both fruity and creamy. Nowadays, we steer clear of the original as they’re chock-full of sugar, but we managed to whip up a whole food version which is filled with avocado, spinach and coconut cream. Yum!

Aussie Splice Blocks.

I Quit Sugar - Aussie Splice Popsicles

2. Meat pies.

While most cultures have their own version of a meat pie, for us Aussies, our humble pie brings back memories of excessive amounts of tomato sauce and evenings at the footy. Now that we’re a lot more sugar savvy, we tend to steer clear of meat pies as we’re not sure exactly what might be lurking inside. This version, however, is just as delicious and it’ll still bring back all the nostalgia of a traditional meat pie without any of the crap!

Little Beef + Onion Pot Pies with Mushy Peas.

IQS: Australia Day

3. Lamingtons.

Considered a culinary icon, lamingtons make a consistent appearance at family barbecues and Australia Day celebrations but, store-bought lamingtons are often packed with sugar and additives. But, considering that it would be un-Australian of us not to have a healthier version of the humble lamington, we created a gluten-free lamo that is even better than the original – we promise!

Healthy Chocolate Lamingtons.

Healthy Chocolate Lamingtons

4. Ice cream.

This recreation was inspired by the classic caramel ice cream that we all know and love – and which probably brought much happiness as a kid. But instead of sugar, this baby is packed with nourishing nut butter, coconut cream and buckwheat.

Golden Happy Times.

5. Choccy bickies.

Do you remember drinking your tea through choccy biscuits when you were younger? Us too! Well, we have some GREAT news. You can also drink your tea through our healthy version! Pretty great, right?

Tam Tims.

I Quit Sugar - Tam Tims from I Quit Sugar: Simplicious

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