JERFing: Made simple!

By Brooke Rooney |

I Quit Sugar - JERFing: Made simple!

It goes without saying that we are bombarded (daily) with cheap and convenient processed foods.

Unfortunately, “cheap and convenient” has seen processed food skyrocket in the last half century, despite how terrible it is for our health.  In fact, one study found the average American adult eats 60 per cent “ultra-processed” food daily. And in Canada, processed food now makes up 60 per cent of family food purchases.

Luckily, when you quit sugar, you naturally quit the processed stuff and JERF (Just Eat Real Food!). This simple philosophy underpins everything we do.

Here’s how…

1. KISS (keep it simple stupid).

Choose real food with the least number of ingredients. If it doesn’t need an ingredients list even better (when was the last time you saw one on fresh broccoli?). 

Focus on local, seasonal fare; it’s all about quality not quantity. Remember: simple doesn’t have to be bland and boring (Exhibit A: our One-Pan Turmeric Chicken Drumsticks).

2. Bulk up.

Buy all your veggies, grains and nuts in bulk when they’re in season. They’ll be cheaper then too. Divide them into portions, freeze and pull them out when time is short. You’ll never have an excuse not to JERF again!

3. Eat everything.

We’re talking carrot nubs, celery stalks, meat trimmings – everything! You’ll gain nutrients, save money and add delicious taste and texture to your dishes (buy organic to avoid nasty pesticides that linger on some fruit and veggies).

If you don’t need the odds and ends straight away, pop them in a freezer bag and freeze them, to use in stock or soup later down the line.

4. Domesticate yourself.

Learning to cook properly is a skill you will keep for a lifetime – like riding a bike, only… food. And learning how to cook is one of the biggest skills people walk away with after joining our I Quit Sugar: 8-Week Program.

5. Eat like it’s 1934!

Eating real food is about getting back to how our grandparents (and great-grandparents) used to eat.

Meat and three veg, real butter, the whole egg and chicken skin… that’s what we’re talking about! (Exhibit B: our Par-Slow Braised Lamb Shanks + 5 Variations).

We originally published this article in December 2015. We updated it in August 2017.

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