5 ways to reboot for your best year ever

By Shayl Prisk |


It’s the start of March and we’re all doing double takes at our wall calendars. Have your New Year’s aspirations lost a bit of traction since you penned them on January 1st? You’re not alone.

So we’re sharing five ways to reboot for your best year ever.

Exciting news: We also have a discount on the ultimate life reboot: a five day retreat in Bali, care of our mates at Bali Bliss. Read on, friends.

Just so you know, this is a sponsored post. But the opinions are our own and we researched the topic and came to these conclusions independently.

1. Make more and better toasts:

Sick of hearing how we should all “be more mindful” and “practice gratitude” in our lives? Yeah, it all sounds a bit Pollyanna to us too. But if you regularly take a few moments to pause and tip your hat to the good things in your life, you really start to appreciate all the little blessings you’ve got.

How do we do it?

Toast to a meeting that went smoothly, the kind man on the bus, the beautiful sunset you saw, the fridge full of fresh food you’re about to cook with… once you start, you quickly realise how good you’ve got things.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 10.30.24 am

2. Train your brain to unplug:

Some of us hardworking folk have a problem with just kicking back and being unapologetically lazy for an hour or two. We come home exhausted and dying to unplug only to find ourselves mindlessly swiping through our iPad.

How do we do it?

Immersing yourself in a physical activity outside of yourself is pretty much foolproof. Get your hands busy, go for a walk, water your plants, get down on the ground and play with your kids.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 10.44.23 am

3. Silence your inner negative Nancy or Norman:

Did you know that people who take a positive outlook in general report feeling more satisfied with their life, regardless of economic, social or physical variables? Meanwhile seeing the glass half empty, and dwelling on anger and frustration has been linked to shorter life-spans, low self esteem and heart disease.

How do we do it?

It’s about mind over matter. Look for the silver lining wherever you can find it, and when you feel yourself getting stuck on petty little negatives, make like Taylor Swift and shake it off.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 10.31.46 am

4. Create daily rituals that make you feel good:

It sounds too simple: Make a mental list of your favourite things, and then schedule them into your daily routine. But sometimes simple works. If there’s an activity or practice that you love, you won’t make excuses to avoid it. And in having those little slices of bliss, you can tap into real, bona fide contentment. Daily. Heck yeah!

How we do it?

Take note of the positive things that you naturally love and are drawn to. “Find your bliss,” tweak your life to accommodate it, then indulge yourself silly with daily doses of it.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 10.34.01 am

5. Take a big step outside your routine at least twice a year: 

When we’re immersed in the daily comings and goings of our life our larger perspective can get skewed. That’s why it’s essential to schedule a semi-regular “escape” from your routine. Taking a pause, catching your breath, reframing some goals, letting go of habits and ideas that have lost meaning in your life and focusing on yourself, your body, your happiness.

How we do it?

Whether it’s a stay-cation or a full-on getaway, who doesn’t want a chance to sleep longer, eat better, breathe more deeply, read an inspirational book, think about larger goals?

Our friends at Bali Bliss know all about this. They’ve organised six retreats in the past 12 months and already have over 100 satisfied guests.

Set in the picturesque Uluwatu Surf Villas in Bali, their retreats last for five blissful days with guests enjoying gourmet cleansing meals, a comprehensive Ayurvedic detox program, twice-daily invigorating and restorative yoga with personalised guidance in small groups, a daily meditation and relaxation plus a full hour of luscious spa treatments. Sounds pretty incredible right?

Screen Shot 2015-03-01 at 11.52.54 am

Great news: Bali Bliss is giving our IQS readers a 20% discount on their first retreat of 2015. Starting May 23 and running until May 27, the regular price is USD$1799. Simply go to their site for a booking and mention the IQS discount.

This offer applies worldwide. To learn more about the retreat, watch their video here.

Please note flights are not included in this prize – you will need to book return airfares. You will need to have a valid passport and arrange your own travel insurance.

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