7 recipes for 7 days of dinners

By Alexandra McCarthy |

I Quit Sugar - Best Ever Skillet Lasagne

How often do you stare into the fridge wondering what to cook for dinner?

We get it – after a long day at work, deciding what to cook your family for dinner is the last thing you want to do. So, we’ve put together seven dinners for seven days to make your life a little easier. They’re all super simple meals too while still maximising flavour and nutrient-density.

Here’s a week’s worth of dinners on a plate…


Chicken Burrito Bowl.

This Mexican inspired dish is super easy to whip up and takes no time at all. Simply cook the chicken, chop the veggies and you’re done! Then, your family can customise their bowls however they like.

IQS: Healthy bowls burrito bowl


Cheat’s Chicken Caesar Salad.

This is another super simple throw together weeknight meal. And, you can use any of last night’s leftover chicken in this recipe, instead of buying a roast chook. Delicious and waste-free!

I Quit Sugar: Chicken Caesar Salad


Rice Paper Rolls.

Not only are rice paper rolls a fuss-fuss dinner option, but they’re also a great vehicle for getting your kids to eat veggies. These rolls also contain an extra nutritional boost thanks to the added quinoa.

Rice Paper Rolls


Lamb Kofta Lettuce Wraps.

These delicious lamb koftas are easy to make and great for the warmer weather thanks to the lettuce wrap. You can also use flour wraps if you prefer.

I Quit Sugar - Lamb Koftas


Fish Fingers.

While traditional fish fingers contain a whole bunch of less-than-stellar ingredientscanola oil and sugar, anyone? – these homemade fish fingers are brimming with beautiful fish and not much else. Serve your fish fingers with salad or oven-baked potato chips  and you’ll have the perfect Friday night meal.

I Quit Sugar: Fish Fingers by Naomi Devlin


Beef Broccolini Fried Rice.

This is a great recipe to knock up on a Saturday night when you’d rather be relaxing with your family than slaving away in the kitchen.

I Quit Sugar - Beef Broccolini Fried Rice


Best Ever Skillet Lasagne.

When you don’t want to use every pot and pan in the house to cook a big Sunday meal, this lasagne is a great alternative. This particular dish ditches all the complicated steps of your traditional lasagne and you’ll only dirty one pot. Less washing up is a definite winner in our books!

I Quit Sugar - Best Ever Skillet Lasagne

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