7 ways to boost your health in 7 days

By Phoebe McCreath |

I Quit Sugar - 7 ways to boost your health in 7 days

Instead of taking an all or nothing approach to your health goals… if you just try one new thing a day, by the end of the week you’ll already be seven steps ahead of the old you!

So next week, why not kickstart your journey to your healthiest you by incorporating these small tips into your routine? You might not notice you’re doing them, but after seven days, you’ll definitely feel the difference.

Monday: Start your day with apple cider vinegar.

It’s no secret that we love ACV, and whether you’re a seasoned wellness warrior or new to the sugar-free team, we think you should get on the apple cider vinegar buzz. Start your day with a tablespoon of ACV in warm water to aid in detoxification and digestion. You’ll be less bloated – and have glowing skin in no time!

Tuesday: Go for a walk on your break.

Whether it’s a gentle stroll, or vigorous enough to work up a sweat, having some time away from your computer is a great way to clear your mind. Vitamin D from the sun can help fight disease and depression too so do a quick lap of the block on your next break.

Wednesday: Catch those zzzs.

If you live by the motto “ain’t no rest for the wicked” this one’s for you as a brand new study has revealed that sleep deprivation is linked to over 3,000 deaths in Australia each year! On the other hand, getting enough shut-eye can boost memory, reduce inflammation in your bod and leave you feeling refreshed enough to smash another day. Start introducing a bedtime for yourself and stick to it – aiming for at  least seven hours every night.

Thursday: Cut back on sugar.

From today, try to reduce your sugar intake with these simple swaps – peanut butter instead of jam on your toast, or kombucha instead of that 3pm fizzy drink. You could slash your sugar intake in half without even trying!

Friday: Meditate.

Set yourself up for a relaxing weekend by taking some time to meditate. That doesn’t mean you have to sit in silence, active meditation can be just as beneficial – just make sure you take some time to clear your mind. Meditation is a great way to lower your cortisol levels and improve your memory too!

Saturday: Cook breakfast.

One of the best habits you can get into is kicking your day off with a nourishing brekkie. You may have time on the weekend to craft some delish pancakes or a full English, but if not, never fear! Try these toteable brekkie ideas instead.

Sunday: Pack your lunch.

To save money ($47,000 a lifetime actually!) and ensure you’ll have delish lunches all week, prep ahead of time. Check out our fave ways to meal prep and then get cooking so you don’t go hangry…

The 7-Day Reboot will help you discover your healthiest you in just one week!

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