Our sugar-free Nut-Ella recipe plus 8 ways to enjoy it!

By Shayl Prisk |


Heads up friends: in case you didn’t mark your calendar (which is a travesty, really) today is World Nutella Day.

It’s no secret the IQS Team go bonkers over chocolate. Especially spreadable chocolate!

So of course we gave a starring role to our sugar-free take on Nutella in our brand new Chocolate Cookbook, which we’ve aptly named Nut-Ella.

And who are we to hold back the recipe? After all, when you love something you’re supposed to set it free. So here it is – our original recipe – and 8 delicious ways you can enjoy it:

Sugar-Free Nut-Ella


1. Pop a dollop in our Thumbprint Cookies. Ain’t nobody got time for chia jam on World Nutella Day!


2. Thinly spread onto a piece of our Spiced Teff Bread. This is a way more nutrient-dense version of the classic fluffy white bread with sugar-laden Nutella spread on top. And can we add, much more delicious!


3. Love our Berry Swirl Cheesecake? Why not Nut-Ella-ify it? If you want to go next level on the chocolate theme, add some cacao nibs for a choc-chip crunch.


4. Sub out the rice malt syrup for Nut-Ella in our Choc-Cashew Bliss Balls. This makes them less sweet, but more chocolatey – bonus!


5. Add into our Raw Vegan Cookie Dough Pops to make them chocolate cookie dough instead. We posted this recipe last week and it was such a hit, so figured why not add some chocolatey goodness to the mix?


6. Make with our Sugar-Free Ferrero Rochers. If you think these are a little too fiddly, have a go at this more simple Ferrero Rocher Slice.


7. Mix in with our Mocha Ice Cream. Ice cream and chocolate, who said quitting sugar was difficult?


8. Make this Nutella Cheesecake. Sorry, this is a bit of a tease, but our oh-so-grand cheesecake comes from the IQS Chocolate Cookbook and it’s one of our pride and joys. Just look at that topping!


If you want to get the recipe for this stunner, along with 80 other amaze-balls cakes, cookies, slices, sauces, toppings and delights, then grab a copy of our IQS Chocolate Cookbook.

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