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The I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program has finished however we still have a range of ebooks, the 8 Week Program book and info on the IQS Recommends tick program. Check out the sections below for more! 

The IQS Recommends Tick is here to help!

Ps. You know the IQS Recommends Tick? Well, it’s continuing on. Going forward, you’ll start to see it on products that genuinely help us all shop and eat better. The great bit? It’s also going to raise money for charity. You can learn more about the I Quit Sugar Recommends program here, then join us on the IQS Recommends Facebook page.

Want to buy Sarah's print books?

You can shop Sarah’s print books internationally at SarahWilson.com.

What's Next?

You can follow Sarah’s latest projects in food and sustainability, anxiety and more (including her new sexy, zero-waste cookbook, published October 2018) on her website, or follow her on InstagramFacebook or Twitter.

On SarahWilson.com you can also read the reasons behind the closure of IQuitSugar.com.