Super Smoothies Cookbook

Super Smoothies Cookbook

Now’s the perfect time to get on the smoothie bandwagon and blend your way to better health!  As we continue to prove, sugar-free doesn’t mean flavour-free and we promise, our showstopping smoothie creations will see you ditching those sugary freakshakes once and for all.

With a flavour bomb to suit every taste – think chocolate, turmeric, cinnamon and cherry – your taste buds will be tantalised! We’ve even included a chapter dedicated to smoothie toppers and kitchen hacks to take your smoothie game to the next level.

New Year Pack

Start off the new year right with our new year, new you package! We’ve bundled together our favourite healthy cookbooks for a fresh start to the new year including I Quit Sugar Healthy Breakfast Cookbook, the Clean ‘n’ Green Smoothies Cookbook and Sarah Wilson’s Latest cookbook Simplicious Flow.

Clean ‘n’ Green Smoothie Cookbook

Clean 'n' Green Smoothie Cookbook

With some of our main IQS philosophies based around the idea of nutrient-dense and simple-to-prepare food (not to mention the whole no added fructose thing) this book was the perfect way to showcase one of everyone’s favourites… smoothies!

I Quit Sugar 8-Week Program: Without Recipes

Ready to quit sugar but can’t get past the first few days? There’s a reason for this! Are you looking for a detailed explanation of why you should quit sugar? We’ve got your in-depth, step-by-step guide.

I Quit Sugar: The Complete 8-Week Program is the original eBook that Sarah Wilson first wrote back in 2011.