A “toast” to veggies

By Phoebe McCreath + Olivia Kaplan |

When you’re in a rush and the munchies strike (or, when you just can’t be bothered cooking) nothing beats a quick slice of toast!

So, we’ve whipped up a few tasty toast alternatives that are just as quick but even more nutritious!

Sweet potato.

You’ve probably heard of sweet potato toast before, but we had to mention it because it’s just so simple! Sweet potato is packed with vitamins A, C and B6 which will keep you full of energy when you need an afternoon pick-me-up.

We’ve topped ours with some peanut butter to keep your tum full and a few blueberries for a refreshing pop of flavour.

I Quit Sugar - A “toast” to veggies


Eggplant is totally underrated. Just one cup of this veg contains 10 per cent of your daily fibre intake and can help to lower cholesterol and ease digestive issues. We made our toast into little pizzas, topped with tomato paste, cheese and basil.  

I Quit Sugar - A “toast” to veggies


Capsicum (or pepper) is naturally sweet and high in all the good stuff – just one cup of this super veg contains all your daily quota of vitamin A and twice your recommended daily intake of vitamin C! We left ours raw for some crunch then added ricotta, tuna and parsley for a satiating snack.

I Quit Sugar - A “toast” to veggies


For a fresh and crunchy toast alternative (just in time for summer!), we topped some cucumber slices with cottage cheese, red onion and a little olive oil! Besides being super hydrating, cucumbers are packed with vitamin K to help your body respond to injuries and clot your blood.

I Quit Sugar - A “toast” to veggies

In case you missed it…

We also tried cauliflower toast for brekkie and it was to die for!

I Quit Sugar - A “toast” to veggies gif

For more easy and delicious meals, check out The Lunchbox Book!

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