Is it ACTUALLY bad to eat the same thing every day?

By Brooke Rooney |

I Quit Sugar - Pork Carnita Mishmash

You eat avo toast and eggs every morning. Salad for lunch. Salmon and vegetables for dinner. Healthy, right?

But what are you doing to your health if you eat these same meals, every single day?

Food rotation is important.

Although your go-to meals may be full of healthy vitamins, minerals, fats and protein, nutritionist Natalie Bourke recommends rotating foods for optimal health.

“My main encouragement for not eating the same thing all the time is to ensure you are getting enough nutrients as all whole foods have slightly different nutrient profiles,” she says.

We should be eating with the seasons.

Our bodies are more receptive to fruits and veggies that are in season. They’re higher in nutrients, tastier, and fresher.

Eating seasonally is also a great way to support the local economy, and it’s almost always cheaper. And who doesn’t like cheap?

Food boredom is a real thing.

Eating the same meals every day can not only deprive you of a wide range of different nutrients, but it can also be a bore!

Mixing it up is key. Try these hacks to beat food boredom for some inspo.

But what if we like our routine?

A lot of us are creatures of habit. Mostly because we’re too uncomfortable (or a little too scared) to initiate change.

That’s where we can help! On our new mini-Program, The 7-Day Reboot, we show you how to eat a variety of nutrients (7–9 serves of veg per day, people!).

The Reboot recipes will leave you feeling satisfied and nourished and provide heaps of fresh foodie inspiration. Now that’s what we’re talking about!

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