Appreciating your cuppa could be the newest way to cut back on sugar

By Phoebe McCreath |

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t love a good cup of coffee (as I write this with one in hand!).

But the reality is, the majority of people still add sugar to their cuppa. Less than ideal.

To find out the best way to cut back on sugar in your coffee, scientists at the University of Minnesota conducted a small coffee trial on 127 people. One group went cold turkey on the sugar, one group gradually reduced their sugar, and the last group had lessons on how to enjoy a good cuppa.

The mindfulness lessons consisted of learning how to appreciate coffee with your senses, how to taste it correctly and how to identify various flavours within the coffee.

The results show that those who learnt how to savour and appreciate a good cup of coffee were not only able to give the sugar the flick easier, but they were still sugar-free at the six month check-in! Just one more reason to enjoy your morning coffee ritual…

How do you take your coffee? Tell us in the comments below!

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