Aussie junk food tax could save $3.4 BILLION and make us live 2.1 years longer

By Camilla Wagstaff |

I Quit Sugar - Aussie junk food tax could save $3.4 BILLION and make us live 2.1 years longe

New research from the University of Melbourne shows just how effective a sugar and junk food tax could be!

The study proposes a 47 cent tax for every 1L of sugary drinks, 94 cents per 100mL of ice cream and 85 cents per 100g of other sugar foods, as well as taxes on fat and sodium.

Better yet, every 100g of fresh fruit and veg in your trolley would be 14 cents cheaper!

We’re not sure why saturated fat has been rolled into the plans though. What does that mean for our fresh meat, butter and coconut oil?!

But overall, we’re stoked by the new study. Maybe the chance to save some cold hard cash will FINALLY get the Government to take a stand against obesity and make real policy change.

You can read more about what the researchers are proposing in their article on The Conversation and on The Sydney Morning Herald.

What do you think? Are you for an Aussie junk food tax?

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