The BEST allergy-free lunchbox snacks

By Alexandra McCarthy |

I Quit Sugar: The BEST allergy-free lunchbox snacks

It’s a constant battle to fill your kid’s lunchbox with nourishing and tasty goodies…

Especially when the snacks need to be allergy-free. So, we’ve rounded up a bunch of allergy-free snacks that are perfect lunchbox fillers to keep your little ones happy and healthy.

2-Ingredient Banana Bread Cookies.

Not only are these bickies easy peasy to make, but they’re naturally sweet thanks to the addition of banana. And, there’s not a nut in sight!

I Quit Sugar - 2 Ingredient Banana Bread Cookies

Herbed Black Quinoa Muffins.

These muffins really have it all! They’re packed with protein, healthy fats and veggies, so they’ll keep little tummies fuller for longer.

I Quit Sugar - Herbed Black Quinoa Muffins by Amy Chaplin


Another veggie-packed snack, these frittata “muffins” are a great way to use up any leftover veg that you have in the fridge.


Pumpkin Pikelets.

Who doesn’t love a pikelet? These babies are a great option to take to school as they’re nut-free and filled with delish pumpkin purée.

I Quit Sugar - 11 perfect pumpkin recipes for Thanksgiving

Zucchini Coconut Lunchbox Bread.

This bread is packed with sneaky veg and is gluten, nut and dairy-free, making it the perfect lunchbox snack. Rest assured, you can’t taste the zucchini either, thanks to the sweetness of the banana and coconut flour.

I Quit Sugar - Zucchini + Coconut Lunchbox Bread

Superfood Popcorn.

Popcorn is a super easy lunchbox filler that is always a crowd-pleaser. By coating the popcorn in dulse flakes (which are filled with minerals and vitamins), we’ve created an even healthier version of this lunchbox fave.

I Quit Sugar - Superfood Popcorn

Sweet Potato Truffle Balls.

These bliss ball inspired snacks are fantastic for lunchboxes as they are nut-free and filled with healthy fats like coconut oil and coconut milk. Yum!

I Quit Sugar - Sweet Potato Truffle Balls

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