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After knocking back mug after mug of hot chocolate, a few too many beers and entertaining a lurid affair with the classic Aussie pavlova – okay fine, it’s actually a New Zealand creation – your gut might be feeling a little worse for wear – but it’s what you can’t see that counts. From probiotics to digestion-boosting tricks, here are our top tips to restore gut health this festive season and beyond.

Natto is a fermented food often overshadowed by more globally-recognised soy fermentations like miso and tempeh – but it’s no less nutritious, in fact, it has a number of unique benefits you won’t find elsewhere. Here are 3 reasons to race down to your local Japanese grocer stat for a pack of this nutritional powerhouse.

Digestive enzymes are a vital part of the digestion process – but did you know there are a few ways to get these enzymes from the foods we put on our plates? Give your digestion a leg up with these 6 tasty foods which pack a good dose of these gut and pancreas-boosting enzymes. 

We’ve heard all about the importance of probiotics, but did you know prebiotics are just as, if not more, important for your gut health? We’ll be diving into the benefits of these overlooked nutritional essentials, plus 5 outstanding sources to get your daily dose from.

To cheese or not to cheese – that is the question. The answer depends on what kind of cheese you opt for – play your cards right and you’ll find yourself chowing down on a powerhouse of nutrition. Here are our top 4 picks for healthy cheeses, plus a few you might want to avoid.

Do you struggle to work up an appetite in the morning? Or perhaps you deal with indigestion or wind soon after eating? It all comes down to your digestive system – luckily, we have a few simple hacks to give it a much-needed kickstart in the morning.

Looking to up your daily dose of protein? This health-boosting, hormone-regulating nutrient is essential for a host of basic functions – but some protein sources are a little more well-rounded than others. Here are the top 5 complete protein sources to chow down on.


When we think of supporting immunity a few well known tricks come to mind – lemon, ginger and honey, vitamin C, and the herbal all-star, echinacea. The lesser-known hacks for immunity involve focusing on your gut – find out how.

If you’ve recently been battling a mould-related illness, here are the foods to eat – and the ones to avoid – to speed up your recovery process.

The foods we eat dictate everything from our energy levels to our sleep cycles. You could be disadvantaging yourself if sugary cereals and highly processed foods are your meals of choice – here are the whole foods to put on your plate instead.

Ever noticed how after a period of overindulging on junk food, your mood plummets? It’s no coincidence – the foods we eat affect our gut health, which researchers have unveiled is deeply interconnected with our mental health. Here's how it works and what you can do to to protect your health.

Looking for a solution to groggy mornings and the dreaded 3 o’clock slump? The food you put on your plate for brekkie could be the answer – so we’ve collated a few high-energy brekkies to get your day off to a good start.

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