A bluffer’s guide to Himalayan salt

By Kate Kneipp |

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Salt often gets a bad health wrap. Well, it may interest you to know that salt is an essential element for human life – our cells would not function without it. But not all salts are created equal.

Today it’s all about…Himalayan salt

Hang on, what’s wrong with regular table salt? Apart from the fact that it contains nasties like anti-caking compounds, it’s also highly processed. Table salt has nowhere near the mineral content of Himalayan salt, clocking in at more than 97 per cent sodium chloride.

Himalayan salt is the purest and most holistic salt available on earth. It’s sourced from the Himalayan mountains and was once sea salt some 250 million years ago.

Nutritional benefits of Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt:

  • Contains 84 essential minerals required by the human body. Sodium chloride is the most prevalent but it also contains at least 15 per cent trace minerals.
  • Is a great source of magnesium, which is the element your muscles (and your brain) need to relax.
  • Promotes healthy pH balance of all cells, again particularly brain cells.
  • Regulates water content in your body.
  • Helps regulate blood sugar levels (woo hoo) and in effect may reduce signs of ageing (double woo hoo).
  • Helps regulate the body’s natural sleep cycle.
  • Assists absorption of food in your intestinal tract.
  • Is a powerful antihistamine.

Different types of Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt comes in fine grains, through to giant blocks of salt. It depends on how you intend to use it. The best option for cooking is the course ground Himalayan salt, for use in a grinder or the fine grain salt, which can be used for sprinkling over food.

Blog Post - Bluffers Guide - Himalayan Salt - Types

Where to buy Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt is now available from most supermarkets in a ready-to-go grinder. Otherwise you can find it in the aisles of your local health food store.

Ways to use Himalayan salt

There are loads of ways to absorb the benefits of this mineral-rich salt:

  • Use in place of table salt in your cooking.
  • Make a brine to soak your meat prior to roasting. This adds flavour and makes the meat juicy.
  • Try out a Himalayan salt block. They’re available from most gourmet food stores. You can use the block as a serving platter or to cook food. To use in cooking: heat slowly over a gas burner starting with very low heat and gradually increasing. You can use the salt block to cook meat, seafood, veggies or even eggs! Just be sure not to place food on the block until it is sizzling hot or your food will become too salty.Blog Post - Bluffers Guide - Himalayan Salt - Block
  • Make a Himalayan salt sole (sol-ay). It’s a super salty tonic made by adding a tablespoon into your water bottle and consuming at the start of the day prior to eating. This is a great way to reap the above benefits of this miracle salt.
  • Add salt to your bath for a detoxifying experience. The minerals in Himalayan salt nourish your skin and can have a therapeutic effect on body and mind.
  • Use a Himalayan salt lamp. They’re instant ambience enhancers and effective in air purification by creating healthy negative ions. These counteract the positive ions emitted from electrical equipment throughout the home and office. They’re also great for asthma sufferers and people with respiratory ailments.  Blog Post - Bluffers Guide - Himalayan Salt - Lamp
Do you use Himalayan salt in your cooking? Have you got any tips for cooking with the salt blocks? If so, let us know in the comments below!

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