Boost your brekkie with last night’s dinner

By Alexandra McCarthy |

Last Night's Dinner 2:1

We hate food waste, so any chance we have to use our leftovers we grab it!

One of the easiest ways to do this is to use last night’s dinner to boost your brekkie. We love adding a ton of leftover veg to our brekkie – ensuring we start the day on the right foot.

Fridagalicious Frittata.

Frittatas are extremely versatile – you can literally add anything into them and it always tastes great. This is a great recipe for any scraps you may have lurking in your fridge – don’t chuck them, simply add eggs and you’re set!

I Quit Sugar - Fridgalicious Frittata

One Pan Curried Shakshuka.

Did you make a little too much pasta sauce last night? No worries! Simply heat it up in a pan (feel free to add any other leftover veg you might have) and crack a few eggs into it, like our Shakshuka. Yum!

I Quit Sugar - One Pan Curried Shakshuka

Last Night’s Dinner with an Egg Stuck in it.

If you’re too time-strapped to whip up a frittata, simply heat your leftovers up in a pan with some stock and crack an egg in the middle. Quick, zero-fuss and nutrient dense = a winner for brekkie.

Last Night's Dinner 2:1

Coriander Quinoa + Corn Bowl with Tortilla Chips.

This is a great brekkie to make when you have cooked quinoa from last night’s dinner. And, quinoa is packed with protein so it’ll keep you going for hours!

Savoury Quinoa + Coriander

Breakfast Quesadillas with Black Beans, Spinach + Mushrooms.

Are you stuck with a load of black beans and tortillas from last night’s Mexican? Simply heat the beans with some tomatoes and mushroom and stick them in a tortilla for a flavour-filled brekkie burrito.

I QUIT SUGAR - Breakfast Quesadilas from Super Legumes

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