Boost your butt with these easy exercises!

By Diana Tencic |

I Quit Sugar - Boost your butt with these easy exercises!

When we’re sitting at a desk, or in a car all day, our poor butts become inactive.

And, if we go straight to the gym and start squatting, we may, in fact, be using other muscles to compensate for our inactive glutes – think hamstrings, quads and hip flexors.

Having inactive bottoms can also lead to back pain, hip, knee and ankle pain. Strong glutes, on the other hand, keeps the pelvis stable and prevents it from swaying side to side. When your pelvis isn’t stable, it puts a lot of pressure on your knees and ankles to compensate. But when your butt is strong, it helps prevent this naturally, keeping you safe from injury.

If done correctly, these exercises are sure to challenge you… plus, you can perform them anywhere (anytime). Just make sure you have a flat surface and clear area – the images are of me in my kitchen so yes, you really can do them anywhere!

As always if you are new to exercise, have an injury or are pregnant please seek medical advice prior to performing any exercise.

Perform 10–12 repetitions of each exercise, for three rounds.

Fire hydrant.

Place yourself in a position where your knees are under your hips and hands under shoulders. Lift your leg out with a bend at at 90 degrees (like a dog doing its thing at a fire hydrant!). Make sure your supporting leg does not lean or lift and your hands are straight. Hold for 2–3 seconds before performing the same exercise on the other side.

Donkey kicks.

While in the same position as you were for the fire hydrant, lift your leg to the side keeping it at 90 degrees with your foot flat. The goal is to reach the leg high without arching the back.

Glute bridge.

Lying on your back with your knees bent and feet flat, lift your butt into the air without arching your back or your knees rolling in. Squeeze your butt at the top of the movement and then return to neutral.

Diana Tencic
Personal Trainer, Fitness and Food Coach
Specialising in functional fitness and food coaching, Diana has over 15 years experience in all aspects of the fitness industry from personal and group training to club owner and spin instructor.

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