Why we continue to lead the sugar-free way!

By Ashley Cameron |

I Quit Sugar - Why we continue to lead the sugar-free way!

Whether you’ve been following us since the beginning, or have only recently adopted a sugar-free way of life, we’re always thrilled to see so many of you taking this huge step towards better health.

Since we first launched, the quitting sugar message has spread far and wide, from micro-influencers on social media to government bodies worldwide who are slowly (but surely) embracing demands for a sugar tax.

But no matter how you decide to quit sugar, or who inspires you to take that leap of faith, we’re always here to support your journey. So, if you choose to give our 8-Week Program a go and embark on this experiment, here’s why our Program continues to lead the sugar-free way…

We’ve been doing it for years. Seriously.

Sarah first quit sugar as an experiment way back in 2011 and since then, 1.2 million of you have joined us on the journey. We have always been the disruptors, the changemakers and continue to inspire thousands of you to join us on our 8-Week Program each month.

It’s based on science.

We may bang on about how great you’ll feel once you quit the sweet stuff, but we’re not just pulling these facts from the great abyss. Even though some of the benefits of quitting sugar were apparent to us long before the science caught up – as the weeks pass, more and more research continues to support EVERY SINGLE THING we’ve been saying for years. Sugar, and its over-consumption, has now been linked to heart disease, cancer, stroke, obesity and even anxiety.

But more importantly, we’re backed by experts.

While we’re a small, passionate team, what really sets us apart from other programs and influencers out there is the knowledge and support we have on hand from more than 45 industry experts. From nutritionists to psychologists, GPs and functional medicine practitioners to naturopaths, Chinese Medicine experts and yogis – we’ve got them all. And, you’ve got them too, as aside from providing us with juicy blog content, when you join our 8-Week Program our experts are on hand to answer all your curly sugar-quitting questions along the way.

The proof is in the sugar-free pudding.

Yes, we’ve all quit sugar. But it’s really your stories that continue to be the most inspiring. With thousands of success stories flooding our inboxes every year, we know, we must be doing something right. From healing PCOS, to couples who’ve successfully started a family after ditching the sweet stuff and incredible weight loss… these testimonials from real people all over the world truly make our hearts sing and inspire us to do what we do best, every single day.

Want to find your food freedom and become the healthiest happiest version of yourself possible? Take that first step, embark on this experiment and we promise, we’ll continue to hold your hand every step of the sugar-free way.

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