Here’s why we don’t trash talk the waste-free movement!

By Courtenay Turner |

I Quit Sugar - Here’s why we don’t trash talk the waste-free movement!

Sceptics will always abound, but nonetheless, we’re sticking to our guns when it comes to going waste-free…

And we’re not alone. More and more people are embracing waste-free living – and with enthusiasm at that! Many of you have got your reusable cups at the ready and your washable produce bags on hand. Others have remembered to bring their green bags two days in a row (win!) and finally dusted off that old reusable drink bottle.

Well, whether you’ve jumped in with both feet, or you still don’t know your BPA from your bamboo, we’ve got some words for ya: bravo! You should know that you ARE making a difference, and we’re here to show you how.

Fight food waste, fight climate change…

Say what?! Bet you didn’t think that your eating habits were warming the planet! Well, they are! And quite significantly at that. When you dump food into your general waste bin, it goes directly to landfill – and it doesn’t just disappear! First, it begins to break down along with the rest of the organic waste. And this is where things get particularly nasty. All that decomposing food generates methane, a greenhouse gas that is 25 times stronger the CO2. If the science talk is a bit much, consider it this way – if we were to kick our food waste habits (in NSW alone), it would be the equivalent of removing 117,000 cars from our roads. That’s huge! So, if you’re an anti-waste crusader, know that your efforts are not for nothing. If you’ve been laughed at for embracing leftovers, salvaging squishy fruit or eating the whole chook, we salute you!

Ditch plastic, save our oceans…

Love a piece of crispy baked salmon? We certainly do! What about snorkelling with Nemo? Pretty special, right?! Then you’d understand why we were horrified to discover that, by 2050, there’s set to be more plastic than fish in the sea. It makes sense when you consider the rate at which we consume and throw away –  a single straw gets used for five minutes but may never break down! By ditching plastics in favour of more planet-friendly alternatives, zero-wasters are doing us all a massive favour. We’re also pretty chuffed that people who #JERF automatically reduce their consumption of plastics by choosing seasonal fresh fruit and veg over their packaged alternatives. But FYI, it doesn’t count if you bag your bananas. And don’t even get us started on bottled water…

If you do have some pesky pieces of plastic hanging around, don’t bin them – many supermarkets now recycle soft plastics (plastic bags, wrappers, cling wrap etc). Prepare to be amazed at just how empty your bin becomes!

Buy in bulk, be a conscious consumer…

You might scoff at the jar-toting millennials weighing hemp seeds by the gram, but truth is, people have been buying in bulk for a very long time – just ask your grandparents! More often than not it’s a heck of a lot cheaper and you can buy as little or as much as you like. (This is particularly nifty when you want a little chocolate, but not ALL the chocolate). You’ll also avoid unnecessary packaging and will finally have a use for all those empty jars of pasta sauce. What’s more, most bulk food shops and community co-ops are mindful about where their food comes from. This is incredibly important if we intend to care for the people who grow and make our food. So to the conscious consumers seeking out sustainable cacao, coconut oil and quinoa, rest assured that your decisions are doing a whole lot of good!

How do you reduce your waste? Or have you already gone completely waste-free? We’d love you to share any tips or tricks in the comments below!

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