Eat the IQS way and save $40 in one day!

By Alexandra McCarthy |

I Quit Sugar - Simplest Chicken Pho

We’re all about making things as easy as possible when living the sugar-free lifestyle.

That’s why we created our 7-Day Reboot. This week-long meal plan is packed full of whole foods to get you back on track. The best part? Each day of food will cost you less than $16! That’s better than the estimated $57.90 a day that you could be spending when purchasing your meals out.

We did our research and have calculated how much it would cost to eat out for all three meals at nearby cafes and restaurants. But before we go on, let’s not get too bogged down – this is merely a rough estimate. This post is a guide only and we’ve made calculations based on the main ingredient in the homemade recipes with the assumption that you’ll also have access to some simple staples in your fridge and pantry.


Who doesn’t love shakshuka for brekkie? You’ll be forking out $18.90 to enjoy it in a cafe in Surry Hills! Meanwhile, our version will only cost about $2.80. That’s a saving of $16.10!

One Pan Curried Shakshuka.

I Quit Sugar - One Pan Curried Shakshuka


When the hunger pangs come knocking at lunchtime, we often tuck into a tasty kale and haloumi salad. To eat your salad at a cafe in Sydney’s CBD will set you back around $22! Our Kale Me Anytime Salad costs around $2.62 per serve. That works out to be a huge saving of $19.38! We know which one we’d pick!

Kale Me Anytime Salad.

I Quit Sugar – Kale Me Anytime Salad


Next time you go to order from your local Asian restaurant, think again. A traditional Pho from a Vietnamese restaurant in Sydney’s inner west will set you back around $17. Our version of Pho only costs $2.70 a serve. That’s a saving of $14.30!

Simplest Chicken Pho.

I Quit Sugar - Simplest Chicken Pho

If you purchased all three of these meals in one day, your bank balance would be $57.90 lighter.

To save money (and eat some darn delicious food), why not try our 7-Day Reboot. Not only does this week-long program provide you with super simple recipes (just like these ones!), but one day’s worth of food will cost you less than $16!

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