How to encourage your friends to quit sugar (but not be THAT person)

By Camilla Wagstaff |

I Quit Sugar - How to encourage your friends to quit sugar (but not be THAT person)

We’ve always said that quitting sugar is something that everyone needs to come to on their own. It’s a gentle experiment, after all.

But when you know what sugar is doing to our health, it can be tough to watch your loved ones down 10 teaspoons of the stuff in one soft drink!

Want to convince your mate, your hubby or your next door neighbour to quit sugar? Here’s how to do it (without sounding like THAT person…)

1. Arm yourself with watercooler facts.

When you were first learning about the sweet stuff, were there a crazy stat or fact that stuck in your head?

It’s usually those “OMG, really?” moments that seed action. And help people realise they need to make a change. Luckily, we have a few up our sleeves

2. Bake them a delicious sugar-free dessert.

You know what they say, the easiest way to someone’s mind is through their stomach. Or something like that.

But seriously, who wouldn’t be convinced of a low-sugar life after a slice of this? Offer to bring dessert to your next get together and watch them all swoon.

Cardamom + Sea Salt Ganache Tart

I Quit Sugar: Cardamom + Sea Salt Tart

3. Be the message.

From weight loss and better skin to more energy and a clearer mind, our I Quit Sugar: 8-Week Program graduates are always telling us about the positive comments they receive after kicking the sweet stuff to the curb.

So the next time someone mentions how amazing you’ve been looking lately, casually slip in your new low-sugar life. They’ll be lining up to give it a try themselves!

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