Stacey Chapman

London, UK
Acupuncturist + Massage Therapist
Bachelor of Science (Acupuncture), Integrative Fertility Coach

Stacey Chapman is a London-based acupuncturist and massage therapist, specialising in women’s hormonal health. Her practice combines the strengths of traditional acupuncture with modern and practical lifestyle and nutritional guidance to support people to better health and wellbeing.

Tell us about what you do and why?

My experience with digestive health issues lead me to look towards complementary therapy including nutrition and acupuncture instead of long-term medication. As an acupuncturist, I work with many people to look at their overall health and lifestyle to see how we can create balance and harmony. I love hearing people’s stories and having the privilege to support them through their health challenges. I also love seeing people come back amazed that acupuncture has really worked and how much better they are feeling. Then, after that initial improvement, I see the effects flow on to so many other areas of their lives.

Why are you such a firm believer in the IQS philosophy?

From personal experience, I feel SO MUCH BETTER if I am following the IQS lifestyle. I also love that the Program is introduced as an experiment for you to try and see how it fits for you. Rolling back to the bare minimum and paying attention to how you feel without sugar in your life.

The IQS Team are coming for dinner. What are you cooking us?

Can you come for brunch? I’d love to serve Spiced Coco-Nutty Granola, Coconut Pancakes, bacon and eggs with haloumi and stir-fried kale and mushrooms.

Tell us your number one health tip in under 25 words.

If everything becomes too much – go back to that one small change you can commit to and start from there.

You can contact me if you’re looking for…

Acupuncture, massage and fertility coaching in North London. I specialise in digestive health and supporting women through fertility, pregnancy and menopause. Look out for my new in person wellbeing workshops coming later in 2017!


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8-Week Program

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