Our Medical experts

I Quit Sugar works with a crew of doctors, dentists, fertility specialists & physiotherapists. Check out our experts below.

Caitlin Dunsford


Cailtin Dunsford is a Sydney-based physiotherapist at Liverpool Hospital. She also works at a recently opened private practice, The Hills Physiotherapy alongside a group of specialised health coaches and personal trainers to target health promotion and performance. Read more

Dr Lewis Ehrlich

Dentist, Health Coach & Advocate

Dr Lewis Ehrlich is a Sydney-based holistic dentist at Sydney Holistic Dental Centre who believes good health starts with the mouth. He was referred to us through another one of our experts and as soon as… Read more

Dr Natasha Andreadis

Dr Natasha Andreadis

Fertility Specialist + Gynaecologist

Dr Natasha Andreadis is a Fertility Specialist and Gynaecologist. She has a special interest in treating women’s health across all ages throughout their reproductive lives – from conception and fertility problems to menopause. Dr Andreadis takes pride in helping women through these challenges with compassion and understanding. Read more

I Quit Sugar - Rachel Wyndham

Dr Rachel Wyndham

Integrative Medicine GP and Naturopath

Dr Rachel Wyndham is an Integrative Medicine GP and Naturopath based on the Gold Coast. With a keen interest in functional medicine and wellness, she is a source of incredible knowledge and a great addition… Read more

Dr Rupy Aujla

Medical Doctor

Dr. Rupy Aujla is an NHS doctor with a speciality in general practice and is passionate about the growing body of clinical research looking at how certain foods and lifestyle choices can prevent and treat disease. Read more

Dr Steven Lin


Dr Steven Lin is a Sydney-based dentist with a background in Biomedical Science. Focusing on the systemic effects of oral disease, his work now aims to merge the dental field with the nutrition field. Read more

IQS Expert + Integrative GP - Dr Tracy Chandler

Dr Tracy Chandler

Integrative General Practitioner

Dr Tracy Chandler is an integrative GP living in New Zealand. Her passion for whole foods, exercise, mindfulness and meditation has inspired her to gain further qualifications and experience in sports medicine, with a focus on nutrition in order to help her patients and family improve their health. Read more

I Quit Sugar - Drew Harrisberg

Drew Harrisberg

Exercise Physiologist, Diabetes Educator + Sports Scientist

Drew is an exercise physiologist, diabetes educator and sports scientist who is inspiring others to embrace their diagnosis and find optimal health! Read more

Kate Norris

Integrative Medical Doctor

Dr Kate Norris is a integrative general practitioner, offering a holistic approach to health, combining conventional medicine with nutritional and environmental medicine for the optimisation of health and prevention and treatment of disease. Kate is an advocate of the nutrient-dense, whole foods approach to health and is a welcome addition to our IQS Experts Panel. Read more

I Quit Sugar - Keri Maas

Keri Maas

Cardiac Physiologist

Keri Maas is a Cardiac Physiologist based in Auckland, New Zealand. Aside from being super passionate about Cardiology, Keri also loves to teach people how to make better choices when it comes to food. We couldn't be more excited to have her join our IQS experts panel! Read more

Our experts

Did you know I Quit Sugar works with a crew of more than 40 handpicked health and wellness experts? Check out the categories below to discover more.


Did you know I Quit Sugar has a range of programs to help you? 
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8-Week Program

Our 8-Week Program is the only real sugar-quitting solution. It’s loaded with the latest science, community support, expert advice and access to tips and tricks to help you give sugar the boot. For good!

8-Week Program

The 7-Day Reboot is perfect for those that have completed our 8-Week Program and would like a quick reset. It’s also a great option for folks wanting a little sample of the low-sugar life, but who are not yet ready to commit to the full eight weeks.