Fancy a beer?

By Phoebe McCreath |

I Quit Sugar - Fancy a beer?

Thursday (or as we like to call it, Friday-eve) is the time when we get ready to put our feet up and wait for the weekend to roll in.

You’ve probably heard all about our thoughts on wine (and for the record yes, a lil’ red wine is a-okay).

But actually, we love a good beer too! In fact, even while you’re on the 8-Week Program a beer with dinner is totally allowed.

That’s good news! Want to know why?

While beer does have sugar in it, it contains maltose which, unlike fructose, our bodies can digest just fine.

The maltose in beer develops during the malting process when the starches in the beer start to break down and ferment. But, not all beer is created equal! Reach for a dry beer because these have been fermented for longer, so there’ll be less residual sugar in your drink. This also creates a deeper flavour. Yum!

As we always say, don’t be scared to enjoy yourself, just avoid overindulging. While having a beer is a better option than a sugary bevvy, it’s still the equivalent of noshing on a sausage roll. Eek!

For more info on sugar-free drinking, check out the 8-Week Program!

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