Can my family quit sugar?

I Quit Sugar - Can my family quit sugar?

We think it’s a pretty special thing to see so many mums and dads wanting to not only change their own health but the health of their entire family as well. 

We’ve had a lot of families and kids join us on our 8-Week Program and we’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions about how to do it.

1. Can my family quit sugar?

2. Can my kids quit sugar?

  • Of course they can! And we reckon they most definitely should!
  • It’s well documented that sugar causes tooth decay, behavioural problems, obesity and may lead to type 2 diabetes in children.
  • Children are little growing beings with a bucket of nutritional requirements. To make sure you meet all these requirements, there are fewer calories available for sugar allowance.
  • The American Heart Association recommends that children aged 4-8 eat no more than 3 teaspoons of sugar a day. But the scary truth is they’re consuming more than 7 times that amount!
  • Although reports suggest that sugar consumption in Australian children may have declined slightly in recent times, new studies suggest that “added” sugar intake remains high. And, according to the Australia and New Zealand Obesity Society, added sugar intake only increases as kids get older.
  • Cutting out the obvious sugars like soft drinks and chocolate is a given, but it’s the added sugars in packaged foods like muesli bars and cereals that prove a little trickier. Getting children on board can be a challenge.
  • Which is why we created the I Quit Sugar: Kids Cookbook to help parents navigate the very difficult path of getting themselves and their kids off of sugar.

3. Six steps to help your kids quit sugar.

  • Lead by example: Don’t keep sugar in the house. At all. Avoid talking about it, too. The more that the sugar-free experience is normalised, the more kids will slip into line.
  • Don’t demonise sugar: Instead, educate your children on how it can make our bodies sick if we eat too much. A simple message in simple terminology will be far more beneficial than banning them from something they don’t understand. Trust that if you keep sugar out of their diet that they will be more sensitive to signals telling them they’ve had enough and praise your kids when they eat healthy food that is “good for our bodies”.
  • Get the kids involved: Take them shopping and have them help you find the “good” sugar-free yoghurt, the cereal with no sugar and let them choose the healthiest stuff to eat on the canteen menu and when out at restaurants. The more they own the process, the less friction.
  • Choose your breakfast cereals carefully: There are a few about that contain less than 3 per cent sugar – start reading labels. Also, look out for fruit-free muesli options (but check the nutritional label to make sure honey hasn’t been added). Your fall back can always be our Coco-Nutty Granola, of course!
  • Treat with things other than sugar: Try to avoid treating kids with food, instead rewarding them with fun experiences – do a puzzle, take a trip to the beach or make some pasta together!
  • Don’t worry about parties: Our advice – as gleaned from many, many, many mums and dads – is not to worry about parties. Let them do their thing. And hopefully, two things will happen. One, practices at home will mean your kids will be more focused on playing games than hovering around the fairy bread. Two, after a few mouthfuls of hideous orange fizzy drink they realise they’d really rather some water instead.

4. Sugar-free healthy school lunchbox ideas.

5. Can my family do the 8-Week Program?

  • They most definitely can. We’ve had a lot of families join us before. And the great thing about the Program is that it suits everyone.
  • The recipes on the Program serve one person, but you can easily multiply the ingredients by the number of people in your family. If it’s just you and your partner, times all the ingredients by two. If it’s you and five others, multiply everything by six! Super easy.
  • You can read how Elise and her family of five did our 8-Week Program.

6. Can my kids do the 8-Week Program?

  • Of course, they can!
  • The same rules apply as above when it comes to changing the amount of ingredients per people you’re cooking for. Just multiply the ingredients by the number of people in your family.
  • The Program features high-fat, high-protein and nutrient-dense meals that are well suited for growing boys and girls of nearly all ages.
  • Worried about getting your kids on board this idea? Read how these parents convinced their kids to go sugar-free on our 8-Week Program.
  • As always, if there are any concerns, please consult a healthcare professional.

Are you ready to transform your life and quit sugar for good? 
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