UK glossary

G’day, mate! Are you from the UK and a little confused about some of our Aussie terms?

We’ve tried to cover some of the most obvious ones in this UK glossary, but if there are any other terms that don’t quite translate, don’t hesitate to ask us in our live chats or in the comments below.



Almond meal Ground almonds / Almond flour
Canola oil Rapeseed oil
Capsicum Pepper
Chook Chicken
Eggplant Aubergine
Pepitas Pumpkin seeds
Popsicles Ice lollies
Rice malt syrup Brown rice syrup / Rice syrup
Zucchini Courgette

Oven Temperatures

Gas Mark Fahrenheit Celsius
1/4 225 110
1/2 250 130
1 275 140
2 300 150
3 325 170
4 350 180
5 375 190
6 400 200
7 425 220
8 450 230
9 475 240

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