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G’day, mate! Are you from the U.S. and a little confused about some of the Aussie terms we use on our site and in our recipes?

We’ve consulted with our very own in-house American to try and cover the most obvious ones in this U.S. glossary. But if there are any other terms that don’t quite translate make sure to flag them with us in our live chat feature or in the comments below.



Bacon rasher Bacon strip
Bicarbonate of soda Baking soda
Biscuit Cookie or Cracker
Capsicum Bell pepper
Chook Chicken
Coriander leaves Cilantro leaves
Full-cream milk/dairy Whole milk
Grated cheese Shredded cheese
Grill Broil
Jam Jelly
Mince Ground meat
Offal Variety meats
Pancakes Flapjacks
Paw paw Papaya
Pepitas Pumpkin seeds
Plain flour All-purpose flour
Pumpkin Butternut Squash
Rocket Arugula
Rockmelon Canteloupe
Rice malt syrup Brown rice syrup
Self-raising flour Self-rising flour
Silverbeet Swiss chard
Spring onions / Shallots Green onions / Scallions
Soda water Seltzer
Soft drink Soda
Takeaway food Takeout food
Tomato sauce Ketchup
Turnip / Swede Rutabaga
Wholemeal Whole wheat
Zucchini Zucchini squash

Oven Temperatures

Gas Mark Fahrenheit Celsius
1/4 225 110
1/2 250 130
1 275 140
2 300 150
3 325 170
4 350 180
5 375 190
6 400 200
7 425 220
8 450 230
9 475 240

*You can purchase a copy of the US edition of Sarah Wilson’s first book, I Quit Sugar, here.

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