Will I lose weight?


Yep, quite possibly. Some on the 8-Week Program have lost 4-5 kilos (9-11lbs) others have lost as much as 30 kilos (65lbs) over an extended period of time. Generally most people find they lose bulk, especially around their face and abdomen, which is where your liver holds the weight gained from excess sugar consumption.

How much weight will I lose?

That is something only you can find out for yourself. Quitting sugar and treating your body with the respect it deserves will see you find your bodies natural, sustainable weight. We have found that those who quit sugar do not tend to regain weight after The Program finishes. Which is not the case for most “diets”. Experts say this is because an eating approach that simply cuts out sugar is sustainable.

Bottom line, weight loss is likely to occur if you are holding weight from eating too much sugar, but…

Quitting sugar is more about becoming the healthiest version of yourself!

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