Our #followfriday with Jacqueline Alwill

By Meg Yonson |


Noun: Jacqueline Alwill [jack-ah-lin al-will]. Definition: Super woman.

Jacqueline is a Sydney-based nutritionist, a health writer for fashion mag Russh, a personal trainer, a recipe developer, an event caterer, an Instagrammer extraordinaire and a blogger at The Brown Paper Bag. On top of all of that she’s a mum too. Phew, we’re gobsmacked!

We don’t know how Jacqueline manages such a busy life while also remaining so grounded. So we’ve asked her a bunch of questions to find out more about her super-human abilities.

1. Where are you from and what do you do?

I’m a Sydney girl, born and bred, but I’ve jumped around the world a fair bit. As a child I lived in Tokyo for some years and during uni I lived in both Italy and the USA. We now have a humble little house in Bondi and feel very lucky to be so close to the beach again.

What I do, in a nutshell: I do all the yummy things in life. Beach time and big snuggles with my little boy, Jet; creating delicious occasions for friends, family and work; educating clients in health, using food so they feel their best; developing ideas and concepts in nutrition and health, so my creative brain is always active. I love what I do and am lucky to be living what I love.


Beautiful Jacqueline roaming around the farm and (right) a nourishing salad bowl using leftovers.

2. Favourite food haunt in your town?

Porch and Parlour in North Bondi as they seem to understand what wholesome means, Three Blue Ducks in Bronte are wonderfully creative with nourishing food, and finally, Raw Bar because I cannot exist without Japanese flavours in my life. I’ve even managed to (almost) replicate my favourite dish at Porch and Parlour, the Pea Pancake, which pretty much ticks all the boxes for making peas one of the most awesome vegetables around.

[Editor’s note: It just so happens we love Porch’s Pea Pancakes too, check out the recipe here.]


Dinner inspo: A simple veggie pie made with an almond meal base, smashed root veggies for the filling, and some goat’s cheese sprinkled on top. Yum!

3. What’s the greatest health advice you’ve ever been given?

Breathe deeply. It was a friend who offered me this advice years ago, when he observed how much happened in our lives. We need to make more time throughout our day to just check in and ensure we aren’t shortening our breath, which happens a lot when we are busy. It’s a two second check, and can improve your state of health immensely.


Berry, chocolate and yoghurt popsicles and (right) Jacqueline with her son, Jet. So cute!

4. Who’s your favourite healthy Instagrammer?

My top picks…


[Editor’s note: these are some of our faves too!]


Now would you look at that big bowl of greens! With (right) a delicious chocolatey dessert.

5. Lastly, what did you eat for breakfast?

Homemade buckwheat seed bread with avocado, trout, cucumber, lemon and herbs.


Jacqueline’s gluten-free seeded bread. What a great breakfast combo!

Want to see more of Jacqueline’s scrumptious food pics? Tune in to see even more as she takes over IQS Instagram this weekend!

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