Bliss Balls Recipe

By Kate Kneipp |

Fruit-Free Bliss Balls
Photo by: Kate Kneipp

At I Quit Sugar HQ, we’re quite partial to a sugar-free chocolatey pick-me-up every so often, to help fuel us through a busy schedule of meetings and workshops – exhibit A and exhibit B.

However, it came to our attention the other day, as we were flicking through our extensive I Quit Sugar recipe repository, that it was void of an afternoon snack favourite: the humble bliss ball.

We have other delicious ball (insert school-girl giggle here) recipes, like our Chocolate Nut BallsSweet Potato Truffles and our Spirulina Sesame Balls, but bliss balls have evaded us…

Unfortunately, most bliss ball recipes are full of dried fruit, which is basically just a concentrated form of fructose. So we thought it was about time we added a bliss ball recipe to the I Quit Sugar recipe bank and ditched the dried fruit completely. We got our Intern Kate K on to it, and she came up with this killer recipe. The entire IQS team can vouch for its yumminess!

Fruit-Free Bliss Balls

You can find the recipe here.

Sugar Free Bliss Balls

Do you have a favourite Bliss Balls recipes sans fruit? Share it with us in the comments below. 

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