5 full body workouts you can do anywhere (in 15 minutes!)

By Brooke Rooney |

I Quit Sugar - Full body exercises

Who doesn’t love a full body workout? Especially one you can do anywhere, anytime.

These five full body exercises are designed to work your whole body. Whether you try just one of them, or all five together, these will give your muscles (and your heart) the perfect workout!

As a Certified Group Fitness Instructor, Brooke recommends performing each movement for one minute. Repeat three times through.

1. Burpees (1 minute x 3).

Ah, burpees… the movement that requires nothing but your own bodyweight, and will strengthen and condition your entire body like no other exercise can.

How to do them: Stand with feet shoulder width apart, core engaged, shoulders back and slightly pinched. Drop into a squat position with hands flat on the floor in front of you.

Kick your feet back into a pushup position. Lower your body so chest touches the floor. Reverse the motions jumping back into a squat position as fast as possible.

Then jump into the air as high as you can and clap your hands together above you for some added fun.

2. Squat jumps (1 minute x 3).

Squats don’t just give you strong and powerful legs, they also sculpt your booty, work your core, and strengthen your back and shoulder muscles, too. Add in jumping for some cardiovascular work and you’re golden!

How to do them: Stand with feet shoulder width apart, core engaged, shoulders back and slightly pinched. Push your butt and hips back as if you were reaching for a seat behind you. Keep weight through heels and lower until your thighs are parallel to the floor. Explode into a jump as high as you can. Land with soft knees. Repeat.

3. Planks (1 minute x 3).

Consider this the “rest period” in your exercise. These don’t require any movement – but they will work every square inch of your body. Especially your core.

How to do them: Start in pushup position, shoulders directly over hands, core engaged, shoulders back and slightly pinched.

Tighten your abs, glutes and thighs, keeping your body in one straight line (don’t let that booty come up!). Make sure you keep a neutral spine, eyes looking straight down at your hands.

Tuck your hips under to maximise the burn in your lower abdominals.

4. Jump lunges (1 minute x 3).

Not only do jump lunges give your legs that good kind of burn, but they’ll jump your heart rate up quickly. Not to mention challenge your balance/core skills!

How to do them: Start in a lunge position, one foot in front of the other about shoulder width apart (the wider you stand, the easier it is to balance).

Core engaged, shoulders back and slightly pinched. Jump up explosively through your supporting front heel, switching legs so that your other leg is in front. Repeat.

5. (Wo)man makers (1 minute x 3).

(Wo)man makers are a combination of a squat, burpee, plank, row, and a clean and press. Aka awesomeness. Not to mention, these suckers will spike your heart rate up in no time.

*These are best performed with dumbbells, but can also be done without them.

How to do them: Stand with feet shoulder width apart, core engaged, shoulders back and slightly pinched. Hold dumbbells at your side. Bring dumbbells down to the ground and jump both legs back into plank position.

Perform push up (while still holding dumbbells). Spread feet out wide and perform a single arm dumbbell row with each arm. Hop feet back to starting position.

Power through your heels and bring weights to your shoulders at standing position, pushing dumbbells above head to finish the movement. Repeat.

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