7 genius ways to eat avo (minus the toast!)

By Alexandra McCarthy |

I Quit Sugar - Cooling Avocado Soup

In recent years, avocados have reached global superstardom thanks to their perfect pairing with toast!

And to be honest, we’re not surprised. Avo on toast has always been one of our fave brekkies! But, there are so many other ways to enjoy this nutrient-dense fruit. So, if you’re sick of avo toast and guacamole (can that even happen?), but still want to enjoy the creamy goodness of avo (as well as their nutritional benefits), we’ve got you covered…

1. Dressings.

Thanks to their creamy consistency, avocados are the perfect addition to dressings. Simply whizz some avo up in a blender with lemon juice, olive oil and ACV to make an easy dressing for green salads. Otherwise, you can try this Green Queen Salad which features a killer avo dressing.

2. Eggs.

Scrambled eggs and avo are a match made in culinary heaven. Simply add cubes of avo to your scrambled eggs towards the end of cooking in order to gently heat the avocado through. Yum!

3. Soup.

In the warmer months, there’s nothing better than a chilled soup. If you haven’t tried a cold soup before, give our Cooling Avocado Soup a go. It’s a winner!

4. Chocolate mousse.

Chocolate and avo really are the best of friends. The inclusion of avo provides an intense creaminess and we promise you can’t taste it over the chocolatey flavour! Try our simple Avocado + Chocolate Mousse or add it to chocolate cake frosting for a healthier twist.

5. Ice cream.

The creamy texture of avocado makes it extremely versatile. And, it lends itself perfectly to ice cream! Our Avocado + Coconut Popsicles are a super simple treat to make for hot days.

6. Grilled

Yep, you can grill your avo! Not only does it look pretty, but it also intensifies the sweetness of the fruit. Either cut your avo in half and grill face down, or slice and grill the individual slices to add to salads. Simply brush your avocado with a mixture of olive oil, lemon and salt before grilling.

7. Smoothies.

The humble avo is a great addition to smoothies and can be used instead of banana to create a creamy texture and taste, without the fructose hit. Our Liver Detox Smoothie will keep you fuller for longer thanks to the healthy fats in avocado.

What’s your favourite way to eat avo?

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