Healthify your kids’ lunchbox snacks

By Phoebe McCreath |

I Quit Sugar - Green Egg Yo-Yos

Ah, remember the good ol’ days when you could pack your kids’ lunchboxes without worrying about being judged by other parents?

Now, it seems, packing a simple lunchbox is so much more complicated. Not only do you have the eagle eyes of other parents to contend with, but let’s be honest – kids’ lunchbox snacks these days are packed with the sweet stuff!

But fret not! We’re here to save the day as we’ve just released a BRAND NEW eBook: The Kids’ Mini Lunchbox Book which goes on pre-sale today… just in time for back to school season! Now that’s what we call good timing!

Here are a few of our fave simple sugar-free swaps…

Chocolate bickies for Triple Chocolate Chip Crunch Cookies.

Choccy cookies always go down a treat, and kids love ‘em. Not only do these cookies contain cacao nibs for crunch, but we’ve whipped up the perfect chocolate drizzle for that extra crack on top too. Yum!

I Quit Sugar: Triple Chocolate Chip Crunch Cookies

Jelly lollies for Coconut “Marshmallows”!

Marshmallows don’t have to be sugar-packed! In fact, ours are good for your gut too… say what?! The addition of our Gut Lovin’ Gelatin in these beauties will help ease any tummy woes your little ones may have.

I Quit Sugar - Coconut Marshmallows

Finger buns for Pull-Apart Cinnamon Scrolls.

Move over finger buns with pink icing and sprinkles, our sugar-free scrolls are here to stay! Made with naturally sweet cinnamon and topped with a coconut butter drizzle, these buns will fill all the hungry tums. Plus, the dough is made with just two ingredients so they’re super easy to whip up.

I Quit Sugar - Pull-Apart Cinnamon Scrolls

Swap roll-ups for Green Egg Yoyo’s…

Say goodbye to those sugary fruit roll-ups and hello to our veggie-packed Egg Yoyo’s. But, you’ll have to get your hands on our Kids’ Mini Lunchbox Book for the scrumptious recipe!

I Quit Sugar - Green Egg Yo-Yos

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