17 ways to jazz up your bliss balls (without dates or honey)

By Camilla Wagstaff |

I Quit Sugar - 17 ways to jazz up your bliss balls (without dates or honey)

It’s true, you CAN make a delicious bliss balls that aren’t filled with fructose-y dates and honey.

All you need to do is grab a packet of our I Quit Sugar: Paleo Raw Balls Mix (available at Woolworths all over Australia) and get creative. Here’s a few ways we customise ours.

1. Drizzle dark chocolate.

Melt a few squares of 85 per cent dark chocolate in a small saucepan (or the microwave) and drizzle over the top of your pre-made balls. You could also dip the whole ball in the chocolate for a little more decadence.

2. Add chopped nuts.

About half a cup of chopped almonds or walnuts added into the mix will add a little crunch. The satiating fats will also keep you fuller for longer.

3. Or peanut butter.

Peanut butter is pretty magical stuff. Half a cup in your batter gives it a salty, nutty flavour. Just make sure your butter is just that: nuts.

4. Or push a whole nut in the middle.

Ferrero Rocher style! Hazelnuts work perfectly here.

5. Roll them in cinnamon.

For a naturally sweet, warming flavour.

6. Add shredded coconut.

About a cup in the mixture works great. You can also roll the balls in a little desiccated coconut, if you like.

7. Add buckwheat groats.

A rich source of magnesium! We’d suggest about half a cup in the mixture. Or you can roll the balls in them.

8. Add protein powder.

A couple of tablespoons of a whole, natural protein powder in the mixture make this the ultimate post workout snack.

9. Or chickpea flour.

Two tablespoons of chickpea flour will also up your protein intake (perfect for vegetarians). Chickpea flour can be thirsty, so add a little almond milk (or a milk of your choice, a few tablespoons) to the mixture if you need.

10. Add cacao nibs.

Half a cup in the mixture ups the crunchy chocolate factor.

11. Try grated zucchini.

Ah zucchini, is there anything you can’t do? Sneak in some veg with a cup of our favourite green. Make sure you squeeze the extra moisture out first. Add some extra almond meal (a tablespoon or two)  if you mixture goes too runny.

12. Or grated beetroot.

Add half a cup for a great earthy flavour (and a pretty colour!)

13. Add sweet potato purée.

We love sweet potato for its naturally sweet flavour (and skin boosting properties). About half a cup goes great with number five!

14. Or pumpkin purée.

About half a cup. Great for using up leftovers!

15. Add a shot of coffee.

If you need a morning pick me up!

16. Raspberry Chia Jam.

Push a hole in the side of your ball with your thumb and fill with a teaspoon of jam. Jelly donut who?

17. Give them a kick!

Add a medium chopped chilli (seeds removed) into your melted drizzling dark chocolate. Not for the faint hearted!

Or why not try a combination of a few? We’d love to see what you create. Share your versions with us on Instagram using the hashtag #IQSathome.

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