3 healthy foods that cost less than $5

By Ashley Cameron |

I Quit Sugar - Zucchini + Coconut Lunchbox Bread

There are a bunch of misconceptions about healthy eating. The main one being – it’s too expensive.

Well as we’ve proven time and again, eating healthy, delicious, nutrient-dense food doesn’t need to be pricey. In fact, when you just JERF (just eat real food), you’ll likely find yourself saving cash along the way

If you’re just at the start of your healthy eating journey though, it can be super confusing standing in the health food store faced with rows and rows of expensive superfoods, protein powders and gold-flecked bone broth (okay, that’s not really a thing, but you know what we mean!).

The truth is, if you’re looking for foods that pack a nutritional punch, you can find perfectly good options at your local farmers market or supermarket. Start with these…


While your humble bowl of oats may not be quite as quirky as quinoa, there’s no disputing they’re a bargain! Plus, they’re super good for you too and can be used to bulk out your brekkies, baking and crumbles. They’re packed with fibre and protein and great for your gut. Try our 2-Ingredient Banana Bread Cookies!


If you read our blog regularly, you’ll already know that we are lifelong fans of the zucchini! But what’s not to love? Not only are they super cheap (at our local farmers market recently we picked up a whole bag for $5!), but they’re also incredibly versatile. Pop them in your smoothie , spiralise them for a quick base to your salad, or grate them into your baking for an extra hit of veg. 

Sweet potato.

This sweet veg comes in at a close second to the old zucchini in terms of versatility. Full of vitamins and fibre, the simple sweet potato is the perfect option when you’re craving a dose of carbs. Keep a batch of sweet potato puree in your freezer to make brownies in a flash or try our Mexican Loaded Sweet Potato for a dinner the kids (big and small!) will love.

On our 7-Day Reboot you’ll spend less than $16 a day so give it a whirl and we’ll show you how simple (and delicious) it can be to eat sugar-free!

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