5 healthy takeaway options to try (for when you’re caught without your leftovers)

By Rachel O'Regan |

I Quit Sugar – 5 healthy takeaway options to try (for when you’re caught without your leftovers)

Just so you know, this is a sponsored post. But the opinions are our own and we researched the topic and came to these conclusions independently.

It’s little secret we’re all about using our leftovers to create exciting, healthy and quick meals on the go.

But we also know that life happens, and sometimes that’s just not an option. Caught without your leftovers? Here’s how to navigate five of the most common takeaway food options.

1. Japanese.

Sushi rolls look healthy – until you find out that they use sugar to make the rice sticky. Seaweed salad is also seasoned with sugar.

If you’re in the mood for Japanese, have an undressed sashimi salad with a side miso soup. Add fermented vegetables for some extra gut-loving!

2. Burgers.

Despite the stereotype, burgers can be pretty healthy (nope, Macca’s and Hungry Jack’s don’t count). Just look for a joint with whole ingredients and plenty of veg!

We’re big fans of Grill’d Healthy Burgers. Not many places use grass fed, free range beef and lamb, RSPCA Approved chicken, free range eggs and local produce. You can also customise your burger to order, with plenty of sugar-free, gluten-free and dairy-free options.

Our favourite healthy option is the very trendy ‘Smoky Blackbird Chicken Schnitzel Burger’. ‘Simon Says’ is also a great low-sugar option, and the vegetarians in the office simply can’t go past the ‘Field of Dreams’ mushroom burger (just leave the mayo on the side, if you like).

And why not make it even healthier and pick up a bottle of Remedy Kombucha while you’re there? It’s naturally sugar-free and contains gut-friendly probiotics!

For a limited time, Grill’d is giving away a FREE Remedy Kombucha with any burger purchase, plus the chance to win free burgers for a year!

Now that’s our idea of heaven. Simply sign up here on the Grill’d website to enter – but get in quick as this offer is only valid until 23 March 2017!

3. Mexican.

Mexican can actually be one of the best healthy takeaway options to grab on the run. As long as you stay away from anything marked “sweet chilli”, that is.

To increase your veggie intake, opt for the “naked” versions of your favourite burritos with extra beans and salad. Olé!

4. Pre-made salad.

Unfortunately, many pre-made salad dressings are packed with sugar! When ordering a takeaway salad, get dressing on the side so you can control the amount.

Or, just ask for extra virgin olive oil and lemon. Simple, but effective!

5. Packaged sandwich.

Sticky sauces and sickly dressings are a problem here, too. Build your own sandwich where you can – choose sourdough or wholegrain bread, butter over margarine and load up on vegetables instead of processed meats.

What’s your go-to healthy takeaway option?

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