Your 4-step guide to the perfect breakfast

By Rachel O'Regan |


Let’s face it, mornings can be crazy.

With so much to do, it can be all too easy to reach for a quick sugary muesli bar or bowl of packaged cereal…

But don’t lose heart just yet! A homemade, hot and healthy breakfast won’t throw your morning out of kilter at all. It just comes down to structure.

You can make the perfect satiating, savoury brekkie every time with just four easy steps.

  1. “Front-load” with veggies: “Once people learn how to get two to four serves of veg into their breakfast, the rest of their day is pretty much sorted,” says IQS nutritionist and recipe developer, Meg Yonson. So front-load your breakfast with lots of greens and all you’ll have to do is top up during the day!
  1. Add some protein: Whether you’re all about sausages, eggs or vegan tempeh, a serve of protein will keep your hunger levels down until it’s time for lunch.
  1. Add some fat: A quarter of an avocado or some Greek yoghurt is great for keeping you satisfied (because nothing is worse than an unsatisfying breakfast).
  1. Add some carbs if you like: This step is up to you, but we find some good quality carbs like sourdough toast give us an energy lift in the mornings. Or add some starchy veg, like sweet potato.

Optional extra! Upgrade the hipster health status of your brekkie with a dose of sauerkraut, kefir or gelatin, and reap the gut health benefits… all before 10am!

Need some help remembering?

Print out this infographic from the I Quit Sugar: Healthy Breakfast Cookbook and stick it on your fridge!

I Quit Sugar – How to build the perfect breakfast every time (in just 4 easy steps)

We originally published this article in March 2016. We updated it in February 2017.

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